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    Haazens Coffee Corner

    To add some sparkle to your coffee try adding cinnamon to your coffee grounds before you start brewing.

    If you like something a little Christmasy try adding crushed peppermint as your sugar instead of regular sugar. (Goes good with a nutmeg coffee)

    I enjoy the taste of pumpkin pie, So I take pumpkin pie spice and add it to the coffee grounds before brewing.

    I like the taste of almond in my coffee but I don't like that odd combination with the creamer. So I found almond extract to be a good substitute. With a little sugar and a Cinnamon stick you have a great combo.

    Please feel free to add you coffee drinks you like here.

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    ok, so i'm boring and like my coffee black.... not that there's anything wrong with that, it's brewed hot and black and i believe that's the way it's meant to be enjoyed.... on the other hand, i have put in 5 1/2 years working in various coffee shops and while i have my personal preference, i'm also a mad scientist...

    fair warning, most of these require an espresso maker...

    chai tea latte:
    i know folks love them, i'll even drink one every 2-3 years myself, my fiancee loves them... so....
    1 espresso handle of loose leaf chai tea, tamped ( i add in one whole clove but you don't have to)
    pull a long shot (approximately 2/3 of the mug, i use a 12 oz because i like em big)
    add 1 tbsp vanilla powder (NOT extract)
    fill mug with steamed milk
    top with either foam or whipped cream and nutmeg or cinnamon

    The Hoss
    (not mine, this was made by a co-worker)
    2/3 mug chai tea latte
    2 shots of espresso

    The Mule
    if you need to pull an all nighter, this will give you a good swift kick in the.... you get it
    might also give you a heart attack or 3
    I designed this one with various coffee shop sizes in mind... here's for a 12oz
    1-2oz caramel sauce
    1-2oz chocolate sauce
    1oz white chocolate sauce (optional, kinda hard to get outside a coffee shop)
    6 shots of espresso
    fill the rest of the mug with steamed half and half
    top with whipped cream and drizzled chocolate and caramel sauce

    i will follow with others i can remember, but nap time for now

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    I just like coffee mixed with hot cocoa mix. Its ghetto (I knw) but its good!

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    hehe one of the shops i worked in called that a "ghetto mocha"

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    may be called many things but sounds really good

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