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Thread: Creamy Cole Slaw

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    Creamy Cole Slaw

    3 pounds white cabbage, shredded
    3/4 carrots, shredded
    3 cups mayonnaise
    1 cup sour cream
    1/2 cup sugar, granulated
    1 small onion, minced
    1 TBS yellow mustard
    1 once white vinegar distilled

    Clean and shred the cabbage and carrots and mix together. Make the dressing by adding the mayonnaise, sour cream, sugar, vinegar, onions and mustard together and blend well. Combine the dressing with the cabbage/carrot mixture. Mix well.

    Let the cole slaw set in the refrigerator for 4 hours before serving. This is always a big hit at our BBQs

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    ooo sounds really good I will have to try this one soon

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    Its even better if you substitute the following...

    3lbs of cabbage you substitute 1/2 gallon of vanilla swirl ice cream
    Change out the carrots with a cubed and sliced medium banana
    Replace the mayonnaise with chopped semi-sweet chocolate chips
    The sour cream instead, use whip cream
    1/2 cup of sugar change out with either chocolate or caramel sauce
    Of course the onion should be replaced with sprinkles
    Instead of the mustard, I prefer using a drizzle of butterscotch
    Finally - the vinegar, a splash of Irish creme does the trick

    Of course these few changes might alter the dish a bit, but it suits my tastes, perhaps yours as well

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