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    Classic Client

    Someone recently posted the old link to the classic client (the one needed for free shards) no longer worked. I have found this link, hosted by, for the classic client From there, you should be able to update your client patches as high as they will go.

    Link: original hues.mul: original gumpart.mul: original gumpidx.mul:

    These files should help those who have altered their original files and cannot patch higher. If you need additional assistance, please ask in game. There are many who are knowledgeable and/or IT tech folks.

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    I've been trying to get the original files for almost a week now. When I click the download link at these sites it tells me the files are unavailable because the server is down for maintinance. Is there any other place to find them?
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    They may become available again. Download sites were made unavailable by the test run government was going to do that would shut down sites like Google, Multiuploader, Limewire, BearShare, etc. They decided it would be political suicide to try to push that into law so the sites were only down for a short while.

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