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Thread: Religio Loot Master

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    Religio Loot Master updated to fix detection of successful grabbing. Thx to Riath D'Ersines for identifying and providing fix action. Very easy update for me.

    Religio Loot Master works to the my expectation. The only fault in it is when trying to loot corpses that are to far out of range int he z value (up and down). If someone wishes to determine the limits for me I'll account for it. I just don't have time.
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    'twas an honor to have a hand in bringing back one of Paradise's best and most-used scripts. I'll let you know if I ever dig into the Z-axis limitations... The answer has got to lie in another script somewhere, maybe another looter or even a mining/LJ script.

    Basically, what he's saying is that it'll client-crash you if you allow it to queue too many drag actions, typically due to an inaccessible corpse. So if you see it start spamming a lot of queue messages, run away or close the corpse quick and you oughtta be okay.

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    As long as the item types haven't changed, yes, it will. You can always double click the item in question, and look at the #LOBJECTTYPE. Verify this entry is listed in the !loot below.

    For example when you dble click skill ball, your #LOBJECTTYPE should change to HEJ.. and you will find this in the !loot entry.

    The GA Function will loot the PS Tokens. Again, unless this has changed.

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    For those that ike a great cutomizer looter . that works great and I do believe that he said it has been tweaked in the last month or so .
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