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Thread: Religio Loot Master

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    Religio Loot Master

    This is an EasyUO Looting script. Simply Copy<>Paste and hit play.

    Select either Grab or Loot
    Grab: Simply does a [ga
    Loot: Opens the corpse, loots gold and all items on the loot list. Then does a [ga.

    Claim: Also claims corpses
    Skin: Also skins corpses with Ginsu or other blade, may need to add blade to blade list. Additionally it will use Forensic Evaluation to increase amount recieved. Forensic must be GM for this to be included.
    Reset: If the script does not loot something because it is out of LOS or other reasons. You can move and hit reset.

    Download Here
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    Loot MAster Is wonderfull

    i just want to say this is best program for looting i have ever used....My question is this im not real smart about this stuff but in your post u said loot list what is the loot list and does it include arties and skillballs.......just dont want to lose anything good but again ty ty for this wonderfull lootmaster program

    Thanks Breez

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    Hey, sorry for the delay, I'll add in a list in the download thread for what it loots.

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    Updated. bla bla bla

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    thank u so much for the update and list it is very helpfull sorry it has been awhile since i checked post but ty again and u write some good sript here it has helped alot

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    is this what you were asking

    not sure were i got this but hope it is useful it may be from another place i use to play


    PMH_QMH Gnarled Staff
    ZPF_CQF Quarter Staff
    FFF Glacial Staff
    RPF Shepherd's Crook
    TRH War Mace
    YSF_XSF Mace
    FBG Sledge Hammer
    VTH_WTH Hammer Pick
    AUH_ZTH War Hammer
    UOH War Axe
    AUO_MPO Scepter
    BUH_CUH Maul
    DMH_EMH Crook
    GFF Black Staff
    QOH Club
    HFF Wand
    TLH Smith's Hammer (Also Ancient and Runic Hammers)
    GBG Prospector's Tool

    AQF_PPF Pitchfork
    TSF_WSF Dagger
    BUO_VPO Double Bladed Staff
    VRH Kryss
    XRH_YRH Short Spear
    LTF_MTF Spear
    OPO Lance
    RRH War Fork
    CUO Pike

    ASF_FSF Hatchet
    HNF_INF Cleaver
    FMH_GMH Butcher Knife
    CNF_BNF Skinning Knife
    LSF Axe
    NSF_ISF Double Axe
    SMH_RMH Large Battle Axe
    CSF_ZRF Executioner's Axe
    MPH_LPH Two Handed Axe
    MSF_BSF Battle Axe
    KPO_GUO Scythe
    KTF_JTF Longsword
    BPH_EPH Viking Sword
    ZSF_ATF Broadsword
    JPH Cutlass
    SOH_POH Scimitar
    NMH_OMH Katana
    LPO_ZTO Bladed Staff
    XTH_YTH Halberd
    HSF_KSF Bardiche
    NPO_XPO Crescent Blade
    FUO_JPO Bone Harvester
    QPF_NPF Pickaxe (Surprisingly - Also Gargoyle's Pickaxe and Sturdy Pickaxes)

    SPO_QPO Composite Bow
    MMH_LMH Heavy Crossbow
    JSF Crossbow
    WOH_TOH Bow
    PPO Repeating Crossbow

    HSF Legacy of the Dread Lord
    JKH Voice of the Fallen King
    DZH Hunter's Headress
    HSH Holy Knight's Breastplate
    LLH Armor of Fortune
    GFF Staff of the Magi
    BMH Guantlets of Nobility
    NSF Axe of the Heavens
    ZPH Ornate Crown of the Harrower
    CIK Aegis
    IWI Hat of the Magi
    MIK Arcane Shield
    URH Bone Crusher
    OSH Helm of Insight
    NSH Jackal's Collar
    IJG Bracelet of Health
    NZH Devine Countenance
    BUH Berzerker's Maul
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    I remember i used to use this script but now i just tried it and it endlessly keeps trying to [grab instead of just [grabbing once then using [cl. Even when i choose the Loot option instead of the grab one it does the same. Anyone can help me with that? ( i'm clueless with easyuo )

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    Quote Originally Posted by William Darkage View Post
    I remember i used to use this script but now i just tried it and it endlessly keeps trying to [grab instead of just [grabbing once then using [cl. Even when i choose the Loot option instead of the grab one it does the same. Anyone can help me with that? ( i'm clueless with easyuo )
    As far as I know this script is no longer working due to some easyUO updates and the current shard update.

    Right now I am using a modified version of this Joekus FastLoot. Now keep in mind the [cl is only for this shard that is why it does not work well with most looting scripts. This script has most of the stuff you will want to take. Problem is you have to get the ID number from each thing you want it to get. I have added most of them but things like Arties and others that are not common drops. So give it shot.

    ; Script Name: Joekus FastLoot
    ; Author: Joeku AKA Demortris
    ; Version: 1.1
    ; Client Tested with: 5.0.4b
    ; EUO version tested with: 1.5 Version 82
    ; Shard OSI / FS: FS
    ; Revision Date: 08/28/06
    ; Public Release: 04/17/06
    ; Global Variables Used: N/A
    ; Purpose: Auto-Loots items from corpses
    set %HideCorpse #false ;Hide corpses after looting?
    set %GoldUpdate #true ;Keep updated on gold via party chat?
    set %SpeedLoot #false ;Skip weight checks to speed up looting?
    set %DragDelay 7 ;Increase to slow down, decrease to speed up

    ; Misc Mage Reagents 1 Mage Reagents 2
    ;------------ ------------------- -------------------
    ;Gold = POF Black Pearl = KUF Mandrake Root = MZF
    ;Arrows = RUF Bloodmoss = JUF Nightshade = WZF
    ;Bolts = LNK Spider's Silk = RZF Garlic = KZF
    ;Aids = ZLF Ginseng = JZF Sulfurous Ash = SZF

    ; Necro Reagents Gems 1 Gems 2
    ;------------------ ------------- -------------------
    ;Grave Dust = TZF Emerald = GVF Star Sapphire = VVF
    ;Nox Crystal = UZF Amber = RVF Amethyst = EVF
    ;Daemon Blood = DUF Diamond = UVF Tourmaline = ZVF
    ;Bat Wing = IUF Ruby = HVF Sapphire = NVF
    ;Pig Iron = YZF Citrine = BVF

    set %bagto #BACKPACKID
    Event exmsg #CharId 3 33 Target your Loot container now!

    set #targcurs 1
    wait %wait1
    set %goldamount 0

    wait 3

    if #targcurs = 1
    goto looptgt2
    wait %wait1
    finditem #ltargetid G_2
    set #lobjectid #ltargetid
    event macro 17
    wait %wait2
    Event exmsg #CharId 3 62 Success! Auto-Loot initiated.
    set %bagto #ltargetid
    goto Main
    Event exmsg #CharId 3 33 Invalid container. Please choose a conventional container, such as a bag or a backpack.
    wait 1s
    set #targcurs 1
    wait %wait1
    goto looptgt2

    if %SpeedLoot = #false
    gosub WeightSub
    gosub FindCorpse
    if #result <> #false
    gosub LootCorpse
    wait %DragDelay
    goto Main

    sub WeightSub
    set %WeightMax #Maxweight - 5

    if #Weight >= %WeightMax
    Event exmsg #CharId 3 33 Nearly overweight. Auto-Loot paused until you make room in your pack.
    while #Weight >= %WeightMax
    wait 2


    sub FindCorpse
    Finditem YFM G_2

    if #FindCnt < 1 || #FindDist > 2 || #FindType <> YFM
    return #false

    gosub lineOfSight #charPosX #charPosY #charPosZ #findX #findY #findZ
    if #result <> #true
    return #false

    set %CorpseID #FindId
    set %CorpseType #FindType

    wait 1
    set #ltargetid #findid
    set #ltargetkind 1
    event macro 22 0

    ignoreitem #findid

    return %CorpseId

    sub LootCorpse
    set #lobjectid %CorpseID
    event macro 17 0
    wait %DragDelay

    if %SpeedLoot = #false
    gosub WeightSub
    set %goldamount 0
    set !dragTimer #scnt2
    finditem %LootItems C_ , %CorpseID
    for #findindex 1 #findcnt
    if #findkind = 0
    set !amt 1
    if #findstack > 1
    set !amt #findstack

    while #scnt2 < !dragTimer
    wait 0
    exevent drag #findid !amt
    exevent dropc %bagto
    set !DragTimer #scnt2 + %DragDelay

    if #findType = POF && %GoldUpdate = #true
    set %goldamount %goldamount + #findstack

    if %GoldUpdate = #true && %goldamount > 0
    gosub UpdateGold

    namespace clear

    if %HideCorpse <> #false
    hideitem %CorpseId


    sub UpdateGold
    set %store %goldamount
    wait %DragDelay
    set %newgold #gold - %goldamount
    msg $/ %newgold + %store = #gold Gold$


    ; Script Name: ScriptFellow's Line of sight sub
    ; Author: ScriptFellow
    ; Version: 1.1
    ; Client Tested with: 4.0.2a
    ; EUO version tested with: 1.41.0081
    ; Shard OSI / FS: OSI
    ; Revision Date: May 13th, 2004.
    ; Public Release: May 12th, 2004.
    ; Purpose: Determines line of sight from one location to another

    ;* Determine line of sight from one location to another.

    ;* @purpose Determine line of sight from one location to another.
    ;* @author ScriptFellow
    ;* @param %1 startX req World start X-coordinate
    ;* %2 startY req World start Y-coordinate
    ;* %3 startZ req World start Z-coordinate
    ;* %4 endX req World end X-coordinate
    ;* %5 endY req World end Y-coordinate
    ;* %6 endZ req World end Z-coordinate
    ;* @return #result (#true or #false )
    sub lineOfSight
    nameSpace Push
    nameSpace Local lineOfSight
    set !x1 %1
    set !y1 %2
    set !z1 %3
    set !x2 %4
    set !y2 %5
    set !z2 %6
    set !z !z1 * 65536
    set !dx !x2 - !x1
    set !dy !y2 - !y1
    set !dz ( !z2 - !z1 ) * 65536

    set !ax !dx / abs ( !dx )
    set !ay !dy / abs ( !dy )

    set !sx abs ( !dx )
    set !sy abs ( !dy )

    set !dz 0
    if !sx > !sy
    set !x1 !x1 + !ax
    if !sx <> 0
    set !dz !dz / !sx
    set !y1 !y1 + !ay
    if !sy <> 0
    set !dz !dz / !sy
    if !dz <> 0
    set !zs !z / 65536
    set !ze ( !z + !dz ) / 65536
    set !zs !z1
    set !ze !z2
    if !zs > !ze
    set !tmp !zs
    set !zs !ze
    set !ze !tmp
    set !z !z + !dz

    set %_lineOfSight #true
    tile Cnt !x1 !y1 #cursKind
    for !i 1 #tileCnt
    tile Get !x1 !y1 !i #cursKind
    if NoShoot in #tileFlags && ( #tileZ >= !zs && #tileZ <= !ze )
    set %_lineOfSight #false
    set !i #tileCnt
    if NoShoot in #tileFlags && ( Surface NotIn #tileFlags || Roof NoIn #tileFlags )
    set %_lineOfSight #false
    set !i #tileCnt

    if ( !x1 <> !x2 || !y1 <> !y2 ) && %_lineOfSight = #true
    goto _lineOfSightLoop
    nameSpace Clear
    nameSpace Pop
    return %_lineOfSight

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    Kk ty i'll try it out. Does it [ga and [cl or just loot the corpse? (I'm lazy)

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    It only loots the corps with a drag and drop style. Remember though that it will crash you if the corps lands in a wall or on a cliff edge. So if you know the corpse is going to be in a spot were you can open it but cant drag from it stop the script and find a way to get the loot with out it.

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