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Thread: RE-POST: Champion Spawns

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    RE-POST: Champion Spawns

    Champ Spawn
    « Haazen: Thread Started on Dec 24, 2006, 1:05pm »

    I started Paradise Found over two years ago because I got tired of playing shards and constantly getting killed and all my stuff stolen from me. Even on shards where there were rules about where PK could happen, I would get killed and my stuff taken. Staff did nothing about it because they did not personally see it. When I started the shard, I committed myself to making this a stress free place to play. A place where I could escape from real life stress and grief. A place where others could do the same. Escape real life problems for awhile, visit with online friends and feel good for a bit. I like very much that stress here is almost non-existent. Any trouble makers that come to disrupt the peace we have are dealt with as fast as we can.

    In the recent past, the champ spawn changed everything about the prime reason I started the shard. It was non-stop grief and stress. I tried for weeks to make things better to relieve the stress. Is was all for naught. The complaints continued for all thing from the lag, the frequency of champs spawns to players not picking up the loot at the end and not sharing during the split. It got so I didn't even want to be on the shard. And in fact I left for about a week. This was the reason the champ spawn was stopped. Non-stop complaints.

    I know that players miss the champ very much. I have been thinking and talking to staff and working on new ways to do the champ since it was stopped. I have modified and wrote some scripts that I hope will allow the champ to be added back to our world and not cause continuous complaints. I absolutely do not want to sound mean or uncaring. But if this new way of doing the champ just causes complaints or bad feeling with players again, the champ or the complaining players will go away and not be considered again. I have spent more time on the champ than I have on upgrading to version 2. I have received more grief and stress from the champ than all other thing in the 2.5 years we have been up.

    Paradise Found is run so I can feel good and have something to wake up to each day.

    I will not accept any complaints about the champ, the players at the champ or actions at the champ. There will be one of 2 possible outcomes from complaints. Either the players complaining will be eliminated from our world or the champ will be eliminated. Please remember this. I am not going to loose anymore sleep or be made to feel bad anymore.

    Message sent to me "I am not complaining but just letting you know what's happening. Mortimer Snerd is not playing fair at the champ." Is this not a complaint because it starts with the words "I am not complaining"?

    OK, with all the nasty and forceful words out of the way, here is how it will work.

    The champ will be put on a timer like before. The time frame will most likely be shorter than it was before.

    When the champ spawn goes active, there will be a world broadcast that the champ is active and the gate to the champ area will become active. There will also be an announcement at level 1. The gate will only allow a certain number of players through before shutting off. We will start with the number 6. If the 6 players have already gone through the gate and the gate is shut off, the message may still appear. Please don't complain that the message said "come help" but the gate was closed.

    Any player going through the gate will be tagged for 24 hours and not be able to go through the gate again while tagged. So it gives more players a chance to go to the champ. The 24 hours may be changed to a longer time if needed.

    The champ will only give 3 powerscrolls because it will be run more often.

    In the future we will come up with a new use for Valor since there will not be access to the champ spawn area to activate a champ. I will keep you posted on this.

    We will restart the private champs also with restriction to the number of players.

    The mini champs fate is not yet known. Please don't ask.

    Like I said before, I want Paradise Found to be a fun, nice and enjoyable place to come play everyone and for me too. The staff and I work more than you may realized to bring these very ideals to life. Gripes and complaints takes that all away from everyone. I welcome suggestions and I absolutely look at every one and look into the feasability. Even If I don't personally answer every suggestion, I do weigh them all out. Suggestions are positive, complaints are negative. Please tell others to read this. not reading this will not be an acceptable reason for not knowing my feelings about Champ Complaints.

    The Champ will be back very soon. It may need slight adjustment in the very near future. I do truly hope these fixes are acceptable and allows us to keep the Champ Spawns.

    Re: Champ Spawn
    « Haazen: Reply #1 on Mar 23, 2008, 1:36pm »

    Again, Champ and Powerscrolls issues have raised their heads. Not that they ever did subside much.

    After going over the scripts again for hours, which I swore I would not do again, I discovered a few more things.

    First, I discovered that being a Criminal eliminated your chance for a PS. How you become Criminal, I do not know but I have seen Grey players at the Champ. A few weeks ago, I took this out of the scripts.

    Next, I discovered that there was a different chance rate depending on your Justice. 60% for Seeker, 80% for Follower and 100% for Knight. I also removed this from the script so everyone is now 100% in regards to Justice.

    Next, I discovered that a player must do at least 1/16 as much damage to the Champ as the player that does the most damage. This is LootRights which applies to all critters. Example: If player A does 16000 hits damage to the Champ, all other players that are fighting the Champ must do at least 1000 hits damage to the Champ to get on the PS list. This now makes a lot of sense as to why some players do not get scrolls.

    I was also asked about Protecting more than one player. Does this affect the outcome of PS drop. Yes it can. If you protect more than one player and the first player in that list does not qualify for a scroll, the protector will not be considered for a scroll on the second player. It seems to me that only the first player in the list that is seen by the script will have affect on the Protector getting a PS.

    After almost a year and a half since we made the big change to the Champ scripts, I believe they work correctly. I know it is human nature to blame the scripts. But I believe they work as designed and that it is folks not meeting all the requirements to receive a PS is the reason some players don't get them. And I am sorry that I am unable to draw out a precise picture of the way it works. The scripts are very complex and use calls from many different scripts. It is not just the Champ scripts involved. It uses Champ scripts, BaseCreature scripts, PlayerMobile scripts, Justice scripts and probably more that I did not mention.

    There are over 500 PowerScrolls own by players in our world. Making the Champ drop rate higher is not a good idea. If players only want the 120 scrolls, then there are 500 scrolls need to be turned in to the PSExchanger. It seems the lesser scrolls are just saved and will never be used. Exchange them.

    With all the looking and adjusting of the Champ and related scripts that has been done, I feel the system works good for our world. It addresses the lag problems, it spawns about once a day, it spawns at different times of the day so different players at different times can play, it drops PSs at a good rate as is evident by there being over 500 scrolls in our world.

    If you have ever played on other shards or OSI, you were never guaranteed a PS. You have a bigger chance in our system than on any other shard I have played.

    Please keep this in mind. If you go to the Champ, and you get a PS, 'Good for you. Congratulations.' If you don't get one, there will be another Champ spawned the next day that you can go kill. And 'Please' don't blame the scripts. The scripts work and I know our players are smart enough to see trends and figure out what was not done correctly if someone does not get a scroll.

    I do want so very much to consider this issue closed. I do want very much to never look in the Champ scripts again. I do want everyone to have fun and realize that most things on the shard are random chance based success. Not every action produces an output. How many times do you try to craft something and it fails? The Champ is also chance based, even though I have removed some of the random chance factors.

    No one is guaranteed a PS. Please keep this in mind and remember that there are hundreds of factors that the scripts go through to determine success rates and drop rates. If you get a scroll, Congratulation!. If not, try again next opportunity.

    -Hippogryph, SPR

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    I think champs would be fun .

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    Are Champs still going on? I haven't noticed any starting lately.

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    They have a random public champ its run recently but no one went . The last one I attended there was 2 of us and we could not kill fast enough to get done in a reasonable time Staff had to bring players in after the gate closed .

    There have been many time past that a couplr newer played went in and found it to rough and left if you leave you are ineligible to return for 24 hours and the gate closes after 6 have entered or when 5 lamps are on the alter . This makes it difficult on the ones left behind ....

    If you can get 3 to 6 players that want to do a champ and there is a gm actually in game they can start a private champ for you ... At one time there was a good group of champ types in game that were willing to pat 1/6 of the fee . And a few that would sponser the champ paying for everyone in order to get that one missing skull they needed to do a harrower to train their evo pet .

    They usally would announce in game free power scroll champ or say I just want a skull anyone one want in . Always ask if you join in a private champ some are keep what you get others roll the dice to see who gets each drop and split the gold .

    There is a rule book at the event center on the table on how the free public champ stuff is split .

    Many of us older toons pass thee gold splits and let everyone else get just a little extra gold ,

    But want shot at the replica item rares to complete a set . Some are greedy and recall home to log out with the skull or other rare drops and we ask staff to remind them to play fair .

    I enjoy the champs just not all the work it takes at times to get enough to do one .
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    I have yet to see any public pvm events since ive come back and when I play I feel like an outsider here because there aren't any PVM events and people do not appear all that willing to reach out to others and hunt together. its an excuse to socialize and its fun. I am constantly wandering around the wilderness trying to find stuff to do. Champs spawns really bring people together, I would suggest advertising pvm events better. We really need them, everyone can gain something from participating, even the well seasoned player who owns everything.

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    Yea would be fun to have champs I second her.

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    I used to run Champ spawns every week, but due to the lack of constant interest..... I sadly gave up.

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