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Thread: Need a new name for the Halloween season?

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    Need a new name for the Halloween season?

    Halloween Masquerade:

    For the month of October only, you can change your name to a Halloweenish name, free of charge. Please keep the names clean and appropriate for all age groups. Also please don't make them epic novel names. 17 characters (spaces included) is the maximum length you can change it to. These names are temporary only. If you die, it will revert to your original name. While we don't mind changing names, we can't do it for everyone 20 times an hour so if you're hunting in a dangerous place, ask us to change it after you're finished. WARNING: Changing your name, even temporarily, will reset your desktop, hotkeys, shortcuts, etc. to the original desktop. You can uncheck Use Default Desktop (on paperdoll, Options, mouse icon), then replace the new name's desktop with your original name's desktop (PM for more info).

    PM Staff for your name changed: (2009's staff names)
    Headless Haazeman
    Ima Goner
    Otto B Alive

    We aren't sure yet what staff will name their staff characters, so check for anything that looks like it has staff colors since we have no clue who is who *looks sooooooo confuzzled*

    Make it fun. It's a wonderful time of the year! It will only last until right after Halloween and you'll all be reverted to your real names. Be creative, be humorous, be as scary or as funny as you'd like.

    Offered Suggestions:
    Barry D Hatchet
    Hal O Ween
    Izzy Alive
    Izzy Dead
    Betty Dont Makit
    Dawn Died
    Oslo Ghost
    Will Knot Rest
    Rusty Nail
    Ima Corpse
    Ima Live
    I M Dead
    Frank N Stein
    Jack O Lantern
    Yule B Next
    Justin Pieces
    Fester N Rott
    Rott N Corpse
    Mummy Dearest
    Pete R Pumpkin

    ok, you get the idea. What can you come up with?

    Still need an idea? Here are some links to help you:

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    Here are some unique ones

    Kerry M. Off
    Hally Ween
    Rein N. Weep
    Ted E. Baer
    I.B. Dead
    Will B. Back
    Will Knot Rest
    I.M. Mortal
    Myra Mains
    Dr. Acula
    O. Solow
    M.T. Tomb
    M.T. Nest
    Helen Wheels
    I. Slipt
    Lefty B. Hynde
    Hugo First
    Hedda Sploaded
    Sy O'Neide
    Anita Newhart
    Roddy Flesh
    Gil o'Teen
    Iva Deathwish
    Cy Copath
    Dee Cayed
    Lane Downe
    Miss N. Cranium
    Russ T. Kauphin
    Wenton A. Hurry
    Rip Owtchergutz
    Sue Asyde
    Diane Rott
    Phil DePitt
    DeCom Posen
    S. Kelly Tunn
    Ann Eurisom
    Dan Sonmagraive
    Grippen D. Coffin
    Cereal Killer
    Robin Graves

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    To replace your hotkeys, shortcuts, icons, settings from the paperdoll, etc. First, on your new temporary name's paperdoll, click Options, click on the mouse icon in the upper right corner and uncheck Use Default Desktop, and Apply and Okay.

    Now, Locate your Ultima Online folder inside your EA Games folder in Documents & Settings on your hard drive. Go through the folder until you find your account name, then server name, then your original character name. Hold down CTRL and A and C in succession (CTRL A, CTRL C). Then go back and you should find a folder with your current temporary character name. Open that folder, and CTRL V to paste the original files over the current ones there. Make sure you're logged out and you do want to overwrite the files with the new ones. Now that that's done, double click on uo.cfg (open as a notepad if you need to set the association for it). About 10 lines down, you'll see your original character name (Damara for mine). Backspace the character name out and replace it with the new temporary name (Cereal Killer). Save changes and close the file.

    Now when you start your game again, you should see all your hotkeys, shortcuts, font and type settings from your original file in your new temporary name file.

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    Chicken Dinner
    Pumpkin Spice
    Spider Pie
    Eye ma Pupal
    Jowleus Skeezer

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