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    Rebooted router and computer and flushed dns...still can't resolve address. Stuck til server reboot I guess

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    Front page of PF says... " IP" So.. try the IP address of the name doesn't work for you?


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    Indeed does not resolve.

    Hopefully someone has notified Haaz in game? I'm at work.

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    My issue ended up being a razor brain fart reinstalled it now can log in . once upon a time razor was more configarable and u could chosse manual updates not so now dose it if u want to or not .

    Mostly no more phone calls from a certain brat whining he can not get in game . He brought his laptop to me to fix lol .
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    I was DC'd last night and have not been able to get back on. It may be Comcast routing or the server hosting.

    Still using the : 2593 and it cannot resolve the IP

    * Update *

    Go figure : I have 32GB of memory and I get out of memory errors. My HDs are less then half capacity and I just tested my system using Heaven Benchmark.
    As expected, Nothing wrong with my system.

    I also had a corrupted SoundLegacyMUL.uop file.
    I replaced the 8/12/2017 version (163,514k) with a previous one 7/31/2014 version (127,008k) and Razor "allowed" me into Paradise.

    I have no idea what issues this may cause with sound playing, but it appears i will be missing some or at least have some sound files altered.
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    Paradise Decorator, would you like me to upload my SoundLegacyMUL.uop file to share with you? I'm uploading it to my dropbox right now, it's apparently larger than I thought but still should work

    My game is patched to UO Version (I just downloaded the client and fully patched up earlier this week when I started)
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    For those who have had trouble logging into, Haazen was notified about the problem yesterday and has been working on it. For whatever reason, this issue doesn't affect everyone. I am still able to log my characters into using port 2593. I am currently using client which is the server's client. I am upgrading to a client to see if the malfunction is client-side related. I will repost soon to update this issue. Until then, if you have problems logging in with, please use the IP address of: and keep the port 2593.

    Update: Apparently the client update isn't the login issue either. It has allowed me to log in using the address, so let's hope Haaz might be able to figure out why some can and some can't. It's now beyond the scope of my learning.

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    I uploaded my client to all was good with login until I got to entering Britannia, then crashed and burned. Rebooted computer twice and the same thing keeps happening. Any ideas would be helpful.

    Update: I tried logging in using IP but game still crashed after reaching the Entering Britannia section of login. I have to play on my laptop using old client until I can figure this out.

    This is the new login screen, which is different from the one I've used for uo for the last 20 years lol


    Update 2: After uninstalling my uo client and rebooting and reinstalling I am back up and running, whew that was a long Sunday afternoon without PF
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    Server froze while I was in the training oasis. I closed razor and opened it back up, stuck indefinitely at Verifying Account... I restarted my computer with same results.

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