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    Ok I realize i have been away a lot but . Just cause I want to log in an say hi is no reason to shut off the server ....

    All jokes aside I tried logging in and no luck Down For Everyone Or Just Me says its not just a me thinggy.

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    any idea when the server might be back up

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    I have been on all night and server seems to be working fine.
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    Well if you log out you can't log in...ip change?

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    well I've been trying to log in for about 4 hours now it keeps saying "the server address you entered could not be resolved"

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    I've been trying to log in for several days throughout march and again today, but it gives me the same message "the server adress......". Same for Ailith. Are we doing anything wrong or is it the server?

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    I tried to uninstall and reinstall still getting the same message any one have a idea what else I can try

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    Server is offline according to UOGateway

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    Server has been up and running fine for me. Last night I did log off to then encounter a connection to server issue everytime I put in my password... I restarted my computer and somehow it all started working just fine again. Not sure what could cause this.

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