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Thread: New Spawner Items

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    New Spawner Items

    Instead of making a new entry when I make something, I'll just add it here with a date.
    So, if you see this post with recent activity, drop on by to see what's going on.

    I am going to try and make at least 1 item a month. Some might be fun, some perhaps not so much.
    Each of the items will be unique, that I can promise.

    The items will be visible in Skara Brae for a week or so before taken down. On request, I can re-setup previous spawners for viewing.
    If there is enough interest in the item, we'll consider adding it to the Paradise mall for a gold/silver/plat cost.

    Feel free to comment or make suggestions.

    March - 2018 : VolleyBall Court
    Volley Ball Court.jpg
    No interest.
    April - 2018 : Glass Blowing Pit
    Glass Blowing Pit.jpg
    No interest.
    May - 2018 : Coming Soon.
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    The glass blowing pit is really cool I would put that in my yard for sure
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    I still like the volleyball court.

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    Love the volleyball court too, and I'm sure I could find a spot for the glass blowing pit too. (Just don't know if I will have time to do the scavenger hunt!)

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    Love the items please add to the mall . Sorry to be so slow replying wil try to be more observant in the future .

    Remember some of use are squeaky tight and have issues letting go of our hard earned gold .
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    i like both of them they look cool and would be great for yard deco

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    I'd use the glass blower pit cool creations

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    Sorry haven't been around much last few months. But I love them both. Would buy them if saw them at the mall.

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