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Thread: You're one of a kind! -OSI differences?

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    Red face You're one of a kind! -OSI differences?

    So what are just some basic OSI differences that you can think of? I know that it's more custom than default by this point so kind of like asking to point out everything but I'm looking for the most basic differences that make it unique; run-casting, no auto-stealth; kinds of mechanics.

    There's definitely a lot to take in, especially with mirrors being so amazing, haha, the game is very cool and different here.

    I'm also curious about boat decay, how long does it take and is that timer only in effect once the boat owner disconnects? (Just curious, no plans on cluttering any seas!)
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    Ok serious question here. What good is Bladeweave? I've been trying to use it and although it's unpredictable, I'm not noticing any effect like Bleed Attack or Mortal Blow being applied.

    I only ask because it's one of the two skills on the donation Edge weapon.
    (edit: I'm still just starting out testing this but it seems to vary in damage dealt a decent amount, not sure if it's things like hit lightning or hit harm being activated)
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