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Thread: New Spawner - Mar 2018

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    New Spawner - Mar 2018

    I placed a new Spawner thingy on Brit bridge. If there is interest, I'll add it to the Paradise Mall.

    *Edit - moved to Skara Brae - Feluccia : Due to item count at Brit Bank area.

    The "player" names will be changeable to any "allowable name", but only at time of purchase. - IF - it's going to be available at the Paradise Mall.

    Let me know what you all think.
    Volley Ball Court.jpg

    * edit *
    Telemaque suggested 2 -v- 2. I can easily remove 1 player from each side at time of set-up, if this is requested.
    So far, only 1 person commented. I will leave this up for another few days to see if there is any more interest
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    Love the volleyball court! Maybe it should have only 2 players per team like in real beach volleyball?

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    Thanks for the reply Telemaque. There doesn't seem to be a big enough interest to offer this at the Paradise Mall. I'll see if i can get something else going.

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    looks cool unique items are always good to add

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