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Thread: Can't get in game

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    Can't get in game

    I am having major problems getting into the game. I suspect I picked up a pesky virus. Damara was helping me with Fishing getting a macro to work at the time. I tried reinstalling both uo and razor and now I get a little popup box and all that says is fatal means nothing to me. I also can't get control panel to load on my PC that tells me windows is stuffed somehow. I am going to reload windows in the hope that what ever is causing issues will go away. I really want to get back in game but its not looking good. I am so upset at the moment as I have no idea how to fix this. Hope I get back in game soon but I am not holding my breath.

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    *Hugs* Poor Gwen. All this because she wanted to fish. No fish for you-ouuuuu.

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    I smell something fishy but I stuck at it cause I am stubborn. I am back in game and fishing yay

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