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Thread: Token Store VII

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    Token Store VII

    This weekend, the first of the token for Token Store VII started to drop.

    As always, i will drop between 35-45 tokens by the next Token Store Opening.
    I plan on it being AFTER the May Birthday month so a lot of those goodies can be added to the Token Store.
    The Tokens can drop anytime day or night and sometimes with out any notice.

    On Login Events, there is usually a ONE or TWO point value token that is part of the prizes.

    Get Your character maxed out and get your alternate character. Anyone logged in will get a token.
    (Trampast players do NOT get tokens)

    Start collecting your Tokens!!!!

    My post box under the Vesper tent is there. If you have realistic prize ideas, drop them in there or post here. I usually get some good idea from players for things i can add.

    *** Previous store tokens are usable ***
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    Token Store VII tokens dropped so far : 3

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