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Thread: With a little LUCK

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    With a little LUCK

    I want to share about luck use here on PF, the following info about luck is from the PF Store:

    Luck may be stacked as high as you desire. The script use luck to increase chance of an artie drop killing a Terragon. There is no additional chance bonus for Terragon drop with luck above 36000. BUT!

    Luck affects Gold dropped in a corpse like this:

    For every 1k luck there is a 1% chance to get 1% more gold. Hence 50k luck you have a 50% chance to get 50% more gold in each corpse. Up to 100k luck give you 100% chance to get 100% more gold in each corpse. This pertains to LootPack gold. It does not raise gold that has a hard coded amount in the scripts.

    Here is how the script uses Luck for Terragon Artie drops.

    Your Luck is added to the Terragons Fame. This value is then used to determine your artie drop chance. Here is the breakdown.

    Fame+Luck = Chance
    < 500 = 500
    < 1700 = 375
    < 4500 = 300
    < 10000 = 225
    < 16000 = 175
    < 26000 = 125
    < 36000 = 75
    > 36000 = 40

    Example: A Tera Dragon has about 22k Fame. So with no luck, your artie drop chance is 1 in 125. If your Luck is 14k, your artie drop chance would be 1 in 40.

    Example: A Terra Ocrish Mage has about 4500 Fame. So with no luck, your artie drop chance is 1 = 300. If your Luck is 31500, your artie drop chance again is 1 in 40.

    Question: If your chance is 1 in 40, does that mean after you kill 39, the next one will drop an artie? Same as a coin. 1 in 2 chance does not mean after every Heads the next flip will be Tails. You could have 10 heads in a row. But if you flip it 100,000 times, heads and tails will be very very close to 50%. Same here. You kill 100,000 Terragons, you will receive real close to 2500 arties.

    You can see there is a difference in chance. You must decide if it is valuable to you.
    Please do not tell me your artie drop has not gone up. If you have luck, your chance goes up without exception.

    I am trying to talk you out of buying this item. But you must decide.

    Note: The client can not display luck over 32k, It displays as a negative number. Use command [sk to see actual luck over 32k. Even though the client displays luck over 32k wrong, the server sees it correctly and uses it correctly.

    Now go to [forum and follow link to PF Store and get some Lucky Charm 2000

    or go directly using link:
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    Hi Eric,

    Thanks for re-posting that here. It's really useful to have that info. I did not realise there was a description on the donation store site.


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