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Thread: PC Troubles

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    PC Troubles

    My Win7 laptop was stolen about 5 months ago. I made backups regularly to an external by just mirroring the drive. I finally replaced that laptop with a new one with win 10. The new one does not have win 7 drivers available (my old mirrored drive) so i must use it for Win10. I have not been able to get UO to work on it yet.

    Now, My main PC, my desktop, crapped out big time. The power supply, hard drive, and a few of the ports aren't working. As i do not have a viable backup of that drive, I've been pretty much dead for 2 days. today, i tried to use the mirrored Win7 hard drive as a USB drive and boot from it on my main PC. Well, it worked. I spent a lot of time today (called in sick) and got all the drivers i needed. I have the hardware spread all over my desk and its a mess, but it works- mostly. After the Login event on 20 Jan, I am going to install a new HD with Win10 on it. Fortunately, I keep UO and all my scripts and things on an SSD drive.

    I don't know how long it will take to get UO going, but I know there's lots of help here in the forums. If i am delayed longer then Sunday getting here, i'll update the forums, as i have my new laptop i can at least get on forums with. Lets me see if i can post some pics of my delightful work space....





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    good luck and hope everything works good for you

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