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    Rogue dragon

    While hunting in Destard Trammel I came across a couple of dragon fighting. One of them was a terra and he was getting killed fast. Taking a closer look at the other one I saw that he was called a rogue dragon. I lored him and couldn't believe what I was seeing:

    Here are his vital statistics:

    Hits 24707
    Stamina 541
    Mana 2826
    Strength 5056
    Dexterity 541
    Intelligence 2826

    Wrestling 681.2
    Tactics 703.9
    Resisting Spell 700.8
    Anatomy 105.2
    Magery 272.7
    Eval Intelligence 287.5
    Meditation 183.1

    The resists were not that great, between 33 and 60 and the damage was 100% physical.

    It took me a while to take him down and the only thing special in the loot was some silver but my looter was too quick for me to count it.

    Anybody else ever see one?

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    Was it a rogue dragon from Dragon Slayer who spawns dragons? Or was it possibly from the Mayhem spawner outside Destard? Was it a silvery colored dragon? Did it have a name?

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    As far as I know the dragon slayers only spawn drakes?? It was a regular red colored dragon and the only name I could see was a rogue dragon. I also forgot to mention that it wasn't tamable, because I would have tried to tame it if it was, even if it meant dying over and over again.

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    There is a type of wild evo-ish dragon so maybe it was one of them. I have no idea what name they go by, and when I searched the shard, I couldn't find any dragon named "Rogue" so I couldn't research it to tell. That's what made me ask if it might have been a mayhem spawner outside of Destard.

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    I would trade my fully grown evo dragon for one of those rogue dragons in a flash. They don't look as great but they are so much stronger and fierce. As I mentioned, it was fighting a terra dragon when I saw it and the terra was barely scratching it...

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