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Thread: Christmas Carols...of sorts

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    Christmas Carols...of sorts

    The past few days I had about 350 miles of driving. Of course it was either slide into a ditch, off a cliff, or into head on traffic... OR keep myself alert thinking of dumb things...
    I opted for the latter. My dogs and all, you know Next Year, I'll play it on my violin and record my most melodious voice singing them.

    Here is a Christmas ditty that sorta kinda took form.

    Sing it to the tune of 12 Days of Christmas. The 12th day counting down

    On the 12th day of Christmas Damara gave to me...
    Twelve Macros Running
    Eleven Picks for Picking
    Ten Lutes for Luting
    Nine Scrolls for Writing
    Eight Grains for grinding
    Seven Sewing Kits
    Six Goats for Slaying
    - Five - Gold for - Bling!
    Four magic words
    Three Taming Hens
    Two Leather Gloves
    And and Ax - to go chop down - a tree
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    Hark The Harold Angel sing

    When I Can't Connect - I Ping
    Paradise 's Down, So's Everything!
    Retry first, I'm in Denial
    With Comcast, I just Can't Smile

    Hopeful With All Those Retries,
    Still No Login, No Surprise!
    Still Another Promise Claim...
    All TH-ings work! - Well Not My Game.

    Start a Keystroke Macro String.
    Force to - oo Do
    A Real Life Thing.

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    We Three Kings

    Leg-en-dary - Warr'ior star,
    Parry, Swords, Anatomy are,
    Hiding, Healing, Lore and Stealing
    Magery, I've gone far

    Oh - OHHHHH

    IQ's Low - Dex, Strength Both Max
    Prefers a bow - Vanquish attack
    Terenthens, Witches, Mages, Liches..
    They Cor Por - My Bow Goes Thwack!

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    I had a few others, I'll see if i can get them to work out right before Christmas.

    Yes, I am that demented... as if you all didn't already know this.

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    Frosty the Decorater, was a wacky crazy soul, with a deco tool n all the hues, decorating paradise is his goal.


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    Poor PD.... all the work he has in real life, and would ya look at what Demented Dammy Did?

    By the way...... did you ever get that tree chopped down? I noticed the one in Brit ended up chopped. *looks in PD's pack for missing tree*

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