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Thread: Help! ML Resources are going Poof?

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    Talking Help! ML Resources are going Poof?

    Im not sure if anyone else is having problems but I have been trying to gather ML Resources to make the enhanced quiver., I have collected 3 times and all 3 times within 12 hours the Resources disappeared. First from my Pack, second time from a Wooden chest recovered from ship wreck, and third time, I placed them in a Paragon Chest and did a screenshot. Is there something set so that they have a lifespan? If someone can tell me what to try next I would appreciate it. Id really like to make the quivers and sell them

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    This would be correct, ML reagents are on a 8 hour timer. If not placed in an Essence Urn ( rare drop from Black Liches) they will go poof. see below...

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    Thank You Chi for your quick response. I had tried entering ML resources in search on wiki but it was not bringing up that info. I assumed it was something about timer. Your Da Bomb!

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