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Thread: War returns to Paradise

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    War returns to Paradise

    In January of 2016 The blue clan declared war on paradise and sent in their fleet to take over. Due to the valiant efforts of our brave warriors we defeated them and drove them back out to sea. Many hero`s were made that day! It has come to our attention that Scouts of theirs have been seen spying on some of the major cities of felucca. If this is true we should be vigilant and make sure they do not return to the clan with information that may be bad for us. Their loss last time may have inspired them to more knowledgeable attacks in the future.

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    I have had a few people tell me that they have found Blur Clan scouts spying on the cites of Felucca. I believe that an invasion may be eminent so we should prepare for it.

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    WAR HAS ARRIVED Blue clan warships have been sighted and invasion is about to begin soon. Come help defend Paradise and test your battle skills against a proven enemy. [ invasion begins 12/8 thru 12/10] To show your battle prowess as you kill the enemy you will receive tokens. drop these in a bag with your name on it [they should stack if you do] and on Monday the 11th there will be a drop box set up in the adventure house to put your bags in. Prizes will be awarded after all bags have been collected. The more tokens you turn in the higher your rank will be. top 3 will be posted here. Good luck and Good hunting.

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    I need all tokens turned in by tomorrow evening folks, I have at least two entries of people who didn't name their bags if you are one of those please come see me. Ty all I hope you all had fun. Prizes and such shall be awarded as soon as all entries are in.

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    Well the war is over and once again Paradise has been defended by its brave people. We had many participate in the event and I hope it was fun for everyone. The top three generals of the war are Madylynn with 4034 confirmed kills. Eric von Drake with 3889 and Telemaque with 3103. Some of you turned in one token and therefore got just the consolation prize. Prizes are being passed out as fast as I can.

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    Thanks for the lovely prizes Dart! It was a fun event!

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    It was fun thanks Dart
    "Some believe that it is only Great Power that can hold evil in check, but that is not what I found, I found that it is the small things, every day deeds by ordinary folk, that keep the darkness away" ~ Gandalf

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