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    I want to thank all those that have asked about my health and sent well wishes via the grandboy and the girls since my stroke occurred on may 5th .

    Something I want to do is encourage all of you to learn the warning signs and be aware of your health I ignored a couple and now regret not taking the time to have it checked . my outcome would have been much better had i.

    Instead I found myself sitting in the floor unable to get up due to the compete loss of use on the left side of my body.

    at least with a background in the medical field there was no panic I think everyone else were more freaked than I was LOL
    remaining calm made a couple of them flip out even more I just asked gthem to call an ambulance and she said I do not know their number which got me a nasty look when I said try 911 .

    I was doing well completed the 12 week goals at rehab in 7 weeks taught the occupational therapist several new ways to accomplish things she had never considered i her 11 years working with stroke victims . Then screwed in all up when I was transferring from bed to a chair my left ankle turned wrong and I fell causing several ligament injuries including a torn one and high ankle sprain and 8 weeks of bed rest and a walking boot air cast .

    now back to being wore out after a short walk .

    I am hoping to be released soon to return home where getting game time willl be much easier.
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    Glad to see you back in game Cormac, even if just for short periods just now!

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    Sorry to hear youve been ill wishing you a speedy recovery my friend
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    Welcome back buddy you were missed.

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    Good to hear you're getting better. Get back soon, we miss you!

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