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    Just wanted to let my guildmates and friends that my daughter had her surgery today and that if all goes well we should be home no later than this Friday night. My 31 yr old daughter had a double mastectomy today with expanders and reconstructive surgery. The surgery started at 8:15 this morning and she was taken to her room at 5:30pm. It was a long a grueling surgery and they ended up taking the sentinel node on her right side. As they got back some pathology reports they found that there was more than one lymph node that was cancerous. So instead of a 6 hour surgery it became 8 hours. Needless to say, I'm tired, sore and very emotional. I thought I would log in and take my mind off this for a bit but, the wireless service is less than desired and I cannot log on.
    I'm ready for an escape from reality! Freaking for my UO. See ya all soon I hope!

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    I Very Sorry to hear your daughter have surgery tomorrow I will said some pray for your daughter and you and your family

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    Hope they got it all and she has a swift recovery .
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    Thank you for your prayers!

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    I sure hope so, after she heals, they are doing 6 weeks radiation daily M-F only half way through and I'm exhausted already.

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