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Thread: Merc traing: Whats the best weapons to train with?

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    Merc traing: Whats the best weapons to train with?

    I want to imbue a sword and sheild to train my merc with and need advise on whats the best attributes to add for best training benefits.
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    a assassin spike with hit chance increase and defense is best as gains are hit based the more you hit the faster you grow an the spike dose very minor damage a sheild with the same on it then hit point increase /hit regen dex or str giving more hit points so he / she can live longer between healing attemps. i always liked teaming up with somone to take turns being the tank on a medusa and helping heal each others pets .


    the attached file is my pet healing euo script lets you add up to 5 pets or players to and easy to use menu with clickable buttons to use assorted healing methods on them kept many a noob alive using it over the years .
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