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Thread: Been away for a while

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    Been away for a while

    I've been away from the game for awhile, Decided to come back and check things out.
    Having some trouble logging into my old account and getting the client to work with razor

    Any Ideas or suggestions?

    I think my account is active but I'm not sure

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    I don't use razor myself, but I understand you just need to install the latest razor, for it to be compatible with the latest client. As for the login, an admin would have to be contacted for that. PM Damara? -Yort

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    What are people using to log into paradise these days? Back when I played you needed razor to log in?

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    Most people do use razor. Just me and a couple others, as far as I know, use UOSteam instead. -Yort

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    In Razor - Use Server with port 2593

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    Unfortunately, it has been well over a year or more since you last logged in and your account was deleted with shard maintenance. That doesn't mean you can't come back with a new character. And, above all, remember it's only pixels here. You got them before, you can get them again.

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