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Thread: Gold farming locations

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    Red face Gold farming locations

    Hey there. Just curious if anyone is willing to share their gold farming locations. As much as dragon bashing in destard is my thing, it set me wondering if there are other alternatives.

    There is another post regarding tipan and treasure hunting but lets just say i prefer mindless slaying. They grant me peace after a hard day's work.

    I took some data from another forum. As a courtesy to his hard work i am only posting a few example. Wondering if it applies here.

    Gold / Hr
    Despise- Titans: 65,461 gold average
    Shame- Eastern Bloods: 61,393 gold total (8,160 in magics + 53,233 gold)
    Ice- White Wyrms: 70,364 gold total (5,244 in scrolls + 18,000g in barbed hides + 47,120 gold)

    Need to plaster me new house with more gold! Its never enough!! Lol!
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    Hmmm nobody?

    I will answer my own question then.

    I went dungeon hopping and it seems that Terathan Keep is relatively similar to Destards dragons with wyrms. This is with exception of the spawn rate at the keep which push it a tad more than destard.

    Should be more efficient using the portal at lv3 ancient wyrm spawn to loop around the 2. Close to 100k/hr with 2 mercs and myself.

    Do still let me know if theres a 200k - 300k / hr spawn! Tired of not bidding anything at auctions.
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    Other forums will most likely not be pertinent here in Paradise. With the Paradise specific MOBS and the changes in some, those numbers will be off. It also depends largely on fighting style, and mostly .. equipment used. You can get lots of gold from Tmaps and the critters that spawn at them. Tipan is a great gold gobblers retreat, but you need to get a round trip Galleon from a player and be ready to die ALOT. You also will need lockpick of 120 to pick the chests and perhaps barding skills beyond 110

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