Some players have multiple accounts from fully GMing their primary character (and subsequent characters for additional characters). When you log in, try to remember to log into your other accounts as well. I have been running into some accounts where there are 2, 3 or 4 and some are family accounts, but only one is current and the others have dropped off into the inactive-to-be-deleted list. Not trying to be mean here, but to let everyone know that even if you log into character #1, it does not refresh all alternative accounts as well. If you have only one account, but both a Felucca and a Trampast character, both would be refreshed since they are associated with the same account name.

For instance:
. JohnDoe is a primary account with character Aesop. He has a character Spartacus in Trampast. When he logs into Aesop, Spartacus is automatically refreshed as well because both are created under JohnDoe.
. Since Aesop is fully GM'd, Aesop asked to create Hercules so he now has JohnDoe and JohnDoe2.
. Aesop's children wanted to play in Paradise too so two children accounts were created: Cupid and BabyTime.
. Aesop's wife saw how much fun everyone was having and she wanted an account: Hera

The family ran into some problems and didn't log in for a while (6 months or so), then JohnDoe logged in and Aesop and Spartacus were refreshed. However, he forgot to log in JohnDoe2, so Hercules was not refreshed. Nor were the two children, nor his wife. After another six months, four accounts have hit my delete list for shard maintenance, but JohnDoe is still good. Guess what happens..... Yup, four accounts end up gone and when JohnDoe logs back in several months later, he finds everything gone that he'd worked to give them and he's upset.

So, please, if you have multiple accounts from your address, try to log them in once a month, or even every other month. It only takes 5-20 seconds and it keeps them off my lists. If something has happened (military is sometimes sent on 2 year stints to foreign countries, families sometimes have financial problems, health issues, marital issues, college, etc.), send me a PM here on the forum to ask me to keep their accounts and lock a book down on the front steps with a departure date (date of last login) and when you might expect to be back if you can. For military, I can extend your time for two years to give you a chance to return.