Hi All, Im looking for suggestions as to how to get through the Grizelda Witch quest. I "KNOW" how to get everything, but the problem I am having is, Im stuck on trying to get Captain Blackhearts "Special Brew".. I cant get drunk enough apparently. I have the Super Sate ((Sold exclusively in the PF Store - Super Sate -- Tired of having to eat and drink at the most inopportune times? Here is a cure. After consuming The Super Sate, you will always be half full. A 10 on both thirst and hunger. So you are still able to eat that special crumb cake Auntie Damara makes or drink some white lighting if it comes around. *ACK crumb cake and white lighting* The eat and drink warning will cease. You can still open the display gump. [hunger or [thirst))So, yes, while it allows me to drink 2-3 gulps of Liquor, it isnt allowing me to get drunk enough to show him I am worthy of his Special Brew.Ive been trying for 3 days now to stand as long as possible and drink liquor to appease him, but Its just not working. Does anyone have any ideas how to get around this? I tried doing this quest before, and needing the brew, and got so frustrated I quit the quest...Thanks, any suggestions would be helpful.Bliss