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    Hi everybody I am Cindarella. I want to start a club. it does not matter what guild you are in you can just change your title to Disney Princess Club if you have a character that has a Disney name. maybe we can do stuff and talk and stuff. if you talk to me on the game you have to wait sometimes please. I'm not a good speller yet and sometimes I have to think first. thank you


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    Hi Cindarella i told my Sis Astrid and Cousin Elsa about your new club they are almost 10 and 13 I am 12 my grandpa better know as Grump Cormac plays here too. they plan to try and play more now that we have better internet at home. they would like to jabber at you an maybe even play some too . I would like to go chop up bad things with you too if u wanna try it .

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    That would be nice. I like to hunt with other people it makes me feel more safe. I would like to meet you guys. daddy Dameon said he has something to do on the game at 12 sunday, but I will be on most of the weekend you can just send me a message. :-)


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