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Thread: Hard Drive Technology

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    Hard Drive Technology

    In Case anyone has ever wondered how far Hard Drives have come, Here is a clue....

    This is the Latest 5MB hard drive from 1956.

    For perspective :
    1,000MB = 1GB
    1,000GB = 1TB

    A 5TB drive today with 1,000,000 times more storage weighs in at about 1.2 pounds (fully decked out with rails and cables).
    This 5MB monster tops the scale just over 1 ton.

    Haazen can be Clearly seen to the right, inside the aircraft. He's wearing the white paints.
    This was his personal Hard Drive for Paradise-Beta_V0.01a

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    Gives a whole new perspective on the question 'Can I take my calculator into the exam'?

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