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Thread: Uosteam "treasure picker"

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    Uosteam "treasure picker"

    Here is my UOSteam "Treasure Picker" I use it for Tmap, sea chests, dungeon chest, purg chests.
    • It keeps mirrors up while picking chests.
    • You can use separate loot bags, or use the same one for all.
    • You may have to edit this program to get it to work for you. # of mirrors to keep up, and the Master Crytal ID.
    • Sometimes this program will skip past picking up reagents, I dunno why.

    Slightly updated version posted below...

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    Hi Yort, Thanks for sharing this!

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    // Based on Treasure_picker found here:
    // cleaned up inconsistent style
    // Removed double spaces
    // updated item id names
    // Added Garg weapons/armor/supplies
    // Added lots of other misc items to loot lists
    // Sorted group items by object ID
    // Added section to keep mirrors up
    // added section to invoke master crystal
    unsetalias 'Chest'
    // unset these if you want the script to ask you everytime you run it.
    //unsetalias 'LootContainer'
    //unsetalias 'ScrollsContainer'
    //unsetalias 'RegsContainer'
    //unsetalias 'WAContainer'
    // if you wish to re-assign loot bags, click in UOSteam go to the "Macro" tab.
    // click the "active objects" button, and click "Clear all Objects"
    headmsg 'Select chest to Loot' '38'
    promptalias 'Chest'
    if not @findobject 'LootContainer' and not inrange 'LootContainer' 2
    headmsg 'Select Main Loot Container' '2124'
    promptalias 'LootContainer'
    if not @findobject 'ScrollsContainer' and not inrange 'ScrollsContainer' 2
    headmsg 'Select Container for Scrolls' '58'
    promptalias 'ScrollsContainer'
    if not @findobject 'RegsContainer' and not inrange 'RegsContainer' 2
    headmsg 'Now Container for Regs' '38'
    promptalias 'RegsContainer'
    if not @findobject 'WAContainer' and not inrange 'WAContailer' 2
    headmsg 'And finally for Weapons and Armor' '2124'
    promptalias 'WAContainer'
    if not listexists 'Loot'
    createlist 'Loot'
    if not listexists 'Scrolls'
    createlist 'Scrolls'
    if not listexists 'Regs'
    createlist 'Regs'
    if not listexists 'WA'
    createlist 'WA'
    if not listexists 'Specials'
    createlist 'Specials'
    pushlist 'Specials' 0x1869 //Skill Ball
    pushlist 'Specials' 0x14f0 //Skill scroll
    pushlist 'Specials' 0xf91 //a Dragon's Heart
    //Gold & Gems
    pushlist 'Loot' 0xeed // Gold
    pushlist 'Loot' 0x9d2 // Jasper
    pushlist 'Loot' 0xf10 // Emerald
    pushlist 'Loot' 0xf13 // Ruby / Magic Jewel
    pushlist 'Loot' 0xf15 // Citrine
    pushlist 'Loot' 0xf16 // Amethyst
    pushlist 'Loot' 0xf19 // Sapphire
    pushlist 'Loot' 0xf21 // Star Sapphire
    pushlist 'Loot' 0xf25 // Amber
    pushlist 'Loot' 0xf26 // Diamond
    pushlist 'Loot' 0xf2d // Tourmaline
    pushlist 'Loot' 0xf8e // Star Onyx
    pushlist 'Loot' 0x1728 // Rubellite
    pushlist 'Loot' 0x1422 // Flame Coral / Lapis Lazuli
    pushlist 'Loot' 0x2fd6 // Arcane Gem
    pushlist 'Loot' 0x3192 // Dark Sapphire
    pushlist 'Loot' 0x3193 // Turquoise
    pushlist 'Loot' 0x3194 // Perfect Emerald / Sol Topaz
    pushlist 'Loot' 0x3195 // Ecru Citrine
    pushlist 'Loot' 0x3196 // White Pearl
    pushlist 'Loot' 0x3197 // Fire Ruby
    pushlist 'Loot' 0x3198 // Blue Diamond
    pushlist 'Loot' 0x3199 // Aquamarine
    //Resources & Supplies
    pushlist 'Loot' 0xdf8 // Captured Soul
    pushlist 'Loot' 0xe21 // Bandage
    pushlist 'Loot' 0xf0e // Bottle
    pushlist 'Loot' 0xf3f // Arrow
    pushlist 'Loot' 0xf42 // Green Thorns
    pushlist 'Loot' 0xf7e // Bone
    pushlist 'Loot' 0x1081 // Leather
    pushlist 'Loot' 0x14ec // Treasure Map
    pushlist 'Loot' 0x14fc // Lockpick
    pushlist 'Loot' 0x1bfb // Bolt
    pushlist 'Loot' 0x2140 // Star Tile0
    pushlist 'Loot' 0x2141 // Star Tile1
    pushlist 'Loot' 0x2142 // Star Tile2
    pushlist 'Loot' 0x2143 // Star Tile3
    pushlist 'Loot' 0x26b4 // Scales
    pushlist 'Loot' 0x26b7 // Zoogi Fungus
    pushlist 'Loot' 0x26b8 // Drag Dust/Powder of T
    pushlist 'Loot' 0xdca // A Special Fishing Net
    // Spell Scrolls
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x1f2d // Reactive Armor
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x1f2e // Clumsy
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x1f2f // Create Food
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x1f30 // Feeblemind
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x1f31 // Heal
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x1f32 // Magic Arrow
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x1f33 // Night Sight
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x1f34 // Weaken
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x1f35 // Agility
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x1f36 // Cunning
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x1f37 // Cure
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x1f38 // Harm
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x1f39 // Magic Trap
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x1f3a // Magic Untrap
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x1f3b // Protection
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x1f3c // Strength
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x1f3d // Bless
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x1f3e // Fireball
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x1f3f // Magic Lock
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x1f40 // Poison
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x1f41 // Telekinesis
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x1f42 // Teleport
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x1f43 // Unlock
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x1f44 // Wall of Stone
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x1f45 // Arch Cure
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x1f46 // Arch Protection
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x1f47 // Curse
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x1f48 // Fire Field
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x1f49 // Greater Heal
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x1f4a // Lightning
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x1f4b // Mana Drain
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x1f4c // Recall
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x1f4d // Blade Spirit
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x1f4e // Dispel Field
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x1f4f // Incognito
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x1f50 // Magic Reflection
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x1f51 // Mind Blast
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x1f52 // Paralyze
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x1f53 // Poison Field
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x1f54 // Summon Creature
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x1f55 // Dispel
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x1f56 // Energy Bolt
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x1f57 // Explosion
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x1f58 // Invisibility
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x1f59 // Mark
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x1f5a // Mass Curse
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x1f5b // Paralyze Field
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x1f5c // Reveal
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x1f5d // Chain Lightning
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x1f5e // Energy Field
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x1f5f // Flamestrike
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x1f60 // Gate Travel
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x1f61 // Mana Vampire
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x1f62 // Mass Dispel
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x1f63 // Meteor Swarm
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x1f64 // Polymorph
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x1f65 // Earthquake
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x1f66 // Energy Vortex
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x1f67 // Ressurrection
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x1f68 // Summon Air Elemental
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x1f69 // Summon Daemon
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x1f6a // Summon Earth Elemental
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x1f6b // Summon Fire Elemental
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x1f6c // Summon Water Elemental
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x2260 // Animate Dead
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x2261 // Blood Oath
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x2262 // CorpseSkin
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x2263 // Curse Weapon
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x2264 // Evil Omen
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x2265 // Horrific Beast
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x2266 // Lich Form
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x2267 // Mind Rot
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x2268 // Pain Strike
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x2269 // Poison Strike
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x226a // Strangle
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x226b // Summon Familiar
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x226c // Vamp Embrace
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x226d // Vengeful Spirit
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x226e // Wither
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x226f // Wraith Form
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x2d51 //Arcane Circle
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x2d52 //Gift of Renewal
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x2d53 //Immolating Weapon
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x2d54 //Attonement
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x2d55 //Thunderstorm
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x2d56 //Natures Fury
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x2d57 // summon Fey?
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x2d58 // Summon Fiend?
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x2d59 //Reaper Form
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x2d5a //Wildfire
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x2d5b //Essence of wind
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x2d5c //Dryad Allure
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x2d5d //Ethereal Voyage
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x2d5e //word of death
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x2d5f //Gift of Life
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0x2d60 //Arcane Empowerment
    pushlist 'Scrolls' 0xef3 //Empty Scrolls
    //Regular Regs
    pushlist 'Regs' 0xf7a // Black Pearl
    pushlist 'Regs' 0xf7b // Blood Moss
    pushlist 'Regs' 0xf86 // Mandrake Root
    pushlist 'Regs' 0xf84 // Garlic
    pushlist 'Regs' 0xf85 // Ginseng
    pushlist 'Regs' 0xf88 // Nightshade
    pushlist 'Regs' 0xf8d // Spider's Silk
    pushlist 'Regs' 0xf8c // Sulphurous Ash
    //Necro Regs
    pushlist 'Regs' 0xf78 // Batwing
    pushlist 'Regs' 0xf78 //
    pushlist 'Regs' 0xf79 //
    pushlist 'Regs' 0xf7a //
    pushlist 'Regs' 0xf7b //
    pushlist 'Regs' 0xf7c //
    pushlist 'Regs' 0xf7d // Daemon Blood
    pushlist 'Regs' 0xf7e //
    pushlist 'Regs' 0xf7f //
    pushlist 'Regs' 0xf8a // Pig Iron
    pushlist 'Regs' 0xf8b //
    pushlist 'Regs' 0xf8c //
    pushlist 'Regs' 0xf8d //
    pushlist 'Regs' 0xf8e // Nox Crystal
    pushlist 'Regs' 0xf8f // Grave Dust
    pushlist 'Regs' 0x97a // Petrified Wood
    pushlist 'WA' 0xf43 // Hatches
    pushlist 'WA' 0xf45 // Exe's Axe
    pushlist 'WA' 0xf47 // Battle Axe
    pushlist 'WA' 0xf49 // Axe
    pushlist 'WA' 0xf4b // Double Axe
    pushlist 'WA' 0xf4d // Bardiche
    pushlist 'WA' 0x13fb // Large Battle Axe
    pushlist 'WA' 0x1443 // Two Handed Axe
    pushlist 'WA' 0x143e // Halberd
    // Swords
    pushlist 'WA' 0xf5e // Broadsword
    pushlist 'WA' 0x13ff // Katana
    pushlist 'WA' 0x13b6 // Scimitar
    pushlist 'WA' 0x13b9 // Viking Sword
    pushlist 'WA' 0xf5e // Broadsword
    pushlist 'WA' 0x1441 // Cutlass
    pushlist 'WA' 0xf61 // Longsword
    pushlist 'WA' 0xec4 // Skinning knife
    pushlist 'WA' 0x13f6 // Butcher Knife
    pushlist 'WA' 0xec3 // Leave it to Cleaver
    pushlist 'WA' 0x26bd // Bladed Staff
    pushlist 'WA' 0xe86 // Pick Axe
    pushlist 'WA' 0x90b // Dread Sword
    pushlist 'WA' 0x90c // Glass Sword
    pushlist 'WA' 0x26bb // Bone Harvester
    pushlist 'WA' 0x26ba // Scythe
    pushlist 'WA' 0x26c1 // Crescent Blade
    pushlist 'WA' 0x26ce // Paladin Sword
    pushlist 'WA' 0x900 // Stone War Sword
    pushlist 'WA' 0x8fd // Dual Short Axes
    // Fencing
    pushlist 'WA' 0x8fe // Bloodblade
    pushlist 'WA' 0x904 // Dual Pointed Spear
    pushlist 'WA' 0x907 // ShortBlade
    pushlist 'WA' 0x1401 // Kryss
    pushlist 'WA' 0x1403 // Short Spear
    pushlist 'WA' 0x1405 // Warfork
    pushlist 'WA' 0xf52 // Dagger
    pushlist 'WA' 0xf62 // Spear
    pushlist 'WA' 0xe87 // Pitchfork
    pushlist 'WA' 0x26be // Pike
    pushlist 'WA' 0x26bf // Double Bladed Staff
    pushlist 'WA' 0x26c0 // ??
    // Bows
    pushlist 'WA' 0xf50
    pushlist 'WA' 0x26c3
    pushlist 'WA' 0x13fd
    pushlist 'WA' 0x26c2
    pushlist 'WA' 0x13b2
    // Maces
    pushlist 'WA' 0x905 //Glass Staff
    pushlist 'WA' 0x906 //Serpentine Staff
    pushlist 'WA' 0xdf0
    pushlist 'WA' 0xdf2 //Wand2
    pushlist 'WA' 0xdf3 //Wand3
    pushlist 'WA' 0xdf4 //Wand4
    pushlist 'WA' 0xdf5 //Wand5
    pushlist 'WA' 0xe81 //Shepherd's Crook
    pushlist 'WA' 0xe89
    pushlist 'WA' 0xf5c
    pushlist 'WA' 0x13b0
    pushlist 'WA' 0x13b4
    pushlist 'WA' 0x13f8
    pushlist 'WA' 0x1407
    pushlist 'WA' 0x1439
    pushlist 'WA' 0x143b
    pushlist 'WA' 0x143d
    pushlist 'WA' 0x26bc //Sceptre
    // Shields
    pushlist 'WA' 0x1b72
    pushlist 'WA' 0x1b73
    pushlist 'WA' 0x1b74
    pushlist 'WA' 0x1b76
    pushlist 'WA' 0x1b79
    pushlist 'WA' 0x1b7a
    pushlist 'WA' 0x1b7b
    pushlist 'WA' 0x1bc3 //Chaos Shield
    pushlist 'WA' 0x1bc4 //Order Shield
    pushlist 'WA' 0x4201 //Dragon Hide Shield
    pushlist 'WA' 0x4202 //Small Plate Shield
    pushlist 'WA' 0x4203 //Medium Plate Shield
    pushlist 'WA' 0x4205 //Large Stone Shield
    pushlist 'WA' 0x1408 //Close Helmet
    pushlist 'WA' 0x1410 //Platemail Arms
    pushlist 'WA' 0x1411 //Platemail Legs
    pushlist 'WA' 0x1412 //Plate Helm
    pushlist 'WA' 0x1413 //Plate Gorget
    pushlist 'WA' 0x1414 //Platemail Gloves
    pushlist 'WA' 0x1415 //Plate Chest
    pushlist 'WA' 0x140a //Helmet
    pushlist 'WA' 0x140c //Bascinet
    pushlist 'WA' 0x140e //Norse Helm
    pushlist 'WA' 0x13bb //Chainmail Coif
    pushlist 'WA' 0x13be //Chainmail Leggins
    pushlist 'WA' 0x13bf //Chainmail Tunic
    pushlist 'WA' 0x13eb //Ringmail Gloves
    pushlist 'WA' 0x13ec //Ringmail Tunic
    pushlist 'WA' 0x13ee //Ringmail Sleeves
    pushlist 'WA' 0x13f0 //Ringmail Leggins
    pushlist 'WA' 0x13d5 //Studded Gloves
    pushlist 'WA' 0x13d6 //Studded Gorget
    pushlist 'WA' 0x13da //Studded Leggings
    pushlist 'WA' 0x13db //Studded Tunic
    pushlist 'WA' 0x13dc //Studded Sleeves
    pushlist 'WA' 0x13c6 //Leather Gloves
    pushlist 'WA' 0x13c7 //Leather Gorget
    pushlist 'WA' 0x1db9 //Leather Cap
    pushlist 'WA' 0x13cb //Leather Pants
    pushlist 'WA' 0x13cc //Leather Tunic
    pushlist 'WA' 0x13cd //Leather Sleeves
    //Female Armor
    pushlist 'WA' 0x1c00 //Female Leather Shorts
    pushlist 'WA' 0x1c02 //Female Studded Armor
    pushlist 'WA' 0x1c04 //Female Plate
    pushlist 'WA' 0x1c06 //Female Leather Armor
    pushlist 'WA' 0x1c08 //Female Leather Skirt
    pushlist 'WA' 0x1c0a //Female Leather Bustier
    pushlist 'WA' 0x1c0c //Female Studded Bustier
    //Bone Armor
    pushlist 'WA' 0x144e //Bone Arms
    pushlist 'WA' 0x144f //Bone Armor
    pushlist 'WA' 0x1450 //Bone Gloves
    pushlist 'WA' 0x1451 //Bone Helmet
    pushlist 'WA' 0x1452 //Bone Leggings
    //Leather Armor (not identifiable?)
    //pushlist 'WA' 0x13c7 //Leather Gorget
    //pushlist 'WA' 0x1db9 //Leather Cap
    //pushlist 'WA' 0x13cb //Leather Pants
    //pushlist 'WA' 0x13cc //Leather Tunic
    //pushlist 'WA' 0x13cd //Leather Sleeves
    //Cloth Armor
    //Not identifiable. Skipping.
    //Garg stuff
    pushlist 'WA' 0x283 //Garg Stone Arms
    pushlist 'WA' 0x284 //Garg Stone Arms
    pushlist 'WA' 0x285 //Garg Stone Chest
    pushlist 'WA' 0x286 //Garg Stone Chest
    pushlist 'WA' 0x287 //Garg Stone Kilt
    pushlist 'WA' 0x288 //Garg Stone Kilt
    pushlist 'WA' 0x289 //Garg Stone Leggings
    pushlist 'WA' 0x28a //Garg Stene Legs
    pushlist 'WA' 0x301 //Female Gargish Leather Arms
    pushlist 'WA' 0x302 //Garg Leather Arms
    pushlist 'WA' 0x303 //Garg Female Leather?
    pushlist 'WA' 0x304 //Garg Leather Chest
    pushlist 'WA' 0x305 //Garg Female Plate?
    pushlist 'WA' 0x306 //Garg Leather Leggings
    pushlist 'WA' 0x307 //Garg Plate Arms
    pushlist 'WA' 0x308 //GarG Platemail Arms
    pushlist 'WA' 0x309 //Garg Platemail Chest
    pushlist 'WA' 0x30a //Garg Plate Chest
    pushlist 'WA' 0x30b //Garg Plate Kilt
    pushlist 'WA' 0x30c //Garg Platemail Kilt
    pushlist 'WA' 0x30d //Garg Plate Leggings
    pushlist 'WA' 0x30e //Garg Plate Leggings
    pushlist 'WA' 0x310 //Garg Whatsit
    pushlist 'WA' 0x311 //Garg Kilt
    pushlist 'WA' 0x8ff //Boomerang
    pushlist 'WA' 0x901 //Cyclone
    pushlist 'WA' 0x902 //Garg Dagger
    pushlist 'WA' 0x903 //Disc Mace
    pushlist 'WA' 0x90a //Soul Glave
    pushlist 'WA' 0x908 //Garg Talwar
    pushlist 'WA' 0x4200 //Garg Wooden Shield
    pushlist 'WA' 0x4204 //Large Plate Shield
    pushlist 'WA' 0x4228 //Garg Chaos Shield
    pushlist 'WA' 0x422a //Garg Order Shield
    pushlist 'WA' 0x457e //Garg Leather Wing Armor
    pushlist 'WA' 0x48b0 //Garg Battle Axe
    pushlist 'WA' 0x48b2 //Garg Axe
    pushlist 'WA' 0x48b4 //Garg Bardiche
    pushlist 'WA' 0x48ba //Garg Katana
    pushlist 'WA' 0x48bc //Garg Kryss
    pushlist 'WA' 0x48be //Garg War Fork
    pushlist 'WA' 0x48c0 //Garg War Hammer
    pushlist 'WA' 0x48c2 //Garg Maul
    pushlist 'WA' 0x48c8 //Garg Pike
    pushlist 'WA' 0x48ca //Garg Lance
    pushlist 'WA' 0x48cc //Garg Tessen
    pushlist 'WA' 0x48ce //Garg Tekagi
    pushlist 'WA' 0x48d0 //Garg Daisho
    pushlist 'WA' 0xf9d // Runic Sewing kit
    //Misc Armor
    pushlist 'WA' 0x140c //Bascinet
    pushlist 'WA' 0x1f0b // Orc Helmet
    useobject 'Chest'
    pause 900
    for 0 to Specials
    if @inrange 'Chest' 2
    while mana > 36 and followers < 8
    cast "Mirror image
    pause 2300
    if @movetype Specials[] 'Chest' 'LootContainer'
    headmsg 'Woo Hoo! Something special found!' '38'
    sysmsg "Woo Hoo! Something special found!"
    playsound 1054
    pause 1000
    for 0 to Loot
    if @inrange 'Chest' 2
    while mana > 36 and followers < 8
    cast "Mirror image
    pause 2300
    if @movetype Loot[] 'Chest' 'LootContainer'
    pause 1000
    waitforcontext 0x40b3b49b 2 15000
    for 0 to Scrolls
    if @inrange 'Chest' 2
    while mana > 36 and followers < 8
    cast "Mirror image
    pause 2300
    if @movetype Scrolls[] 'Chest' 'ScrollsContainer'
    pause 1000
    waitforcontext 0x40b3b49b 2 15000
    for 0 to Regs
    if @inrange 'Chest' 2
    while mana > 36 and followers < 8
    cast "Mirror image
    pause 2300
    // if itemcount > 100
    // waitforcontext 0x40b3b49b 2 15000
    // endif
    if @movetype Regs[] 'Chest' 'RegsContainer'
    pause 1000
    waitforcontext 0x40b3b49b 2 15000
    //for 0 to WA
    // if @inrange 'Chest' 2
    // if @movetype WA[] 'Chest' 'WAContainer'
    // pause 1000
    // endif
    // endif
    for 0 to WA
    if @inrange 'Chest' 2
    while @findtype 'WA[]' 'any' 'Chest'
    while mana > 36 and followers < 8
    cast "Mirror image
    pause 2300
    useskill 'Item Identification'
    waitfortarget 15000
    @target! found
    pause 600
    @moveitem found 'WAContainer'
    pause 600
    sysmsg "All Done Picking"
    headmsg 'All Done Picking' '38'
    while mana > -1
    while mana > 36 and followers < 8
    cast "Mirror image
    pause 2300
    pause 600

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