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Thread: Wanted 120 Powerscrolls even "useless" ones.

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    Question Wanted 120 Powerscrolls even "useless" ones.

    I interested in the following 120 powerscrolls:
    • Arms lore, begging, bowcrafting, bushido, camping, carpentry, cartography, chivalry, cooking, detecting hidden, Fishing, focus, Hiding, inscription, mysticism, necromancy, ninjitsu, poisoning, remove trap, snooping , spellweaving, spirit speak, stealing, stealth, taste id, tinkering, and tracking.

    I have the following to trade:
    • 120 Animal Lore PowerScroll
    • 120 Imbuing Powerscroll
    • 120 Macing Powerscroll
    • 120 Meditation powerscroll
    • 120 Musicianship Powerscroll
    • 120 Provocation Powerscroll
    • 120 Throwing Powerscroll
    • 120 Wrestling Powerscroll
    • (2) Self Repair+1 Crystal
    • (20) PowerScroll Token
    • Dog License
    • Gold. Name your price.

    Last edited by Yort; 02-18-2018 at 01:33 PM. Reason: Updated 2/18/2018 (New info from Damara)

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    I understand there isn't a 120 Fishing? Oh well, I figured I'd throw it out there anyway (pun intended.) -Yort.

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    Hehehe ... as far as I am aware there is indeed no fishing PS, but the magic fishing pole gives you 20 over skill cap. And now testing the line break. Jade S.

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    I was able to use BBCode to make it look better. -Yort

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    I've updated the first post. Still looking for 120 PS. And buying PowerScroll Tokens too.


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    Damara said on public chat, the following 120 Powerscrolls don't exist here: "2018-02-18 13:05:18 Damara: There is no 120 forensicID, herding, itemID or lumberjacking. They max at 100" So I've removed them from my list of wanted Powerscrolls. -Yort

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