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Thread: Token Store 6

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    LOL Ragnar.... I saw the post request... remember i said reasonable.

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    Token Store VI is not open. It will be open for a minimum 3 weeks. I will post closing date in a few days.

    THINGS ARE LIKELY TO BE ADDED - do not complain if you spend tokens now and see something later you want.

    I do not want more then 3 bags from the same person. If I get a 4th, I will be returning it after the store closes.
    Please do not play games, "well this is my 45th character and its only their 3rd" ... the bag will be returned.
    Combine your things from your alts. you can separate by books

    Follow the direction at the turn in box. there's like 6 signs. PLEASE PLEASE read the signs and follow the simple instructions.

    Format for book

    Item QTY cost
    PD's polkadot-socks 2 2
    Dammys Jammies 1 4
    Haazeen's Hat 1 3
    Dart's Dungarees 1 3
    Brigits Bonnet 2 4
    Chi's Chi 1 10

    Last Page
    Items : 8
    Tokens : 26

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