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Thread: Token Store 6

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    It appears the Token store " OPEN FOR VIEWING" only - will open on time.

    I plan to have it open up around noon-time-ish server time ( [st )

    It should open for purchasing the fun things in about a week. Remember - prices on some items may change and thing can be removed/added.

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    Preview of Token Store VI is officially open. I still have a few more tokens to drop for this store.

    Remember ALL previous tokens are usable at 1 to 1. (No 1/3 scrolls if you still have them)

    If any Elysium Gorget scrolls are still out, I will also accept those in your turn in bag (for the gorget) when the store opens for business.

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    I had a look around for items I would like to see in the store. I realize some may not be available but here it goes:

    Paradise Party Keg
    Paradise Mounted Warthog
    Single House Power Plant
    Powered Up Power Generator
    Dragon Tub
    Dragon Turtle Fountain
    Grim Table
    and last but not least the series of mounted monsters from May 2017

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    An item I would like to see in the token store is a Hammock like found outside vesper by the deco boats. That would be a neato item to have.

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    oh yea them hammocks are neat!!!!!!


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    Sorry, but the hammocks are donation store items. Not sure if it's on display but it's from the sleeper bed donations. I think those are $10 USD and you select what type of sleeper bed you would like. These allow you to lay in the bed (or anyone friended to your house that double clicks the bed), and anyone attempting to wake you three times gets .... a little scorched for their efforts. As with all sleeper devices, please do not log out while your character is sleeping in the bed.

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    ah thx Dammy. they are not advertised in PF store. great to know!!!!


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    How about a house vault in the shape of the "safes" I have seen around as deco?

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    I think ive mentioned dragon turtle suit, cant remember. but will it be available? I didn't see in there yet.


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    SOUL FORGE please! That stupid Mr. Crab hates me. That would be a cool item to have.

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