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Thread: Token Store 6

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    Token Store 6

    Token Store VI will be Closing at server time : 11:59 pm, 23 Dec.

    ---- Please read my Latest Post -----

    I will be starting the Token drops for "Token Store 6" very soon.

    What is a Token Store? Funny you should ask!!!
    It's a special store where lots of the hand out items since the last token store (April 2017) and some funky and or not-yet-seen items will appear in.
    The store has a special location that will have a gate to access it when it is open. The items in the store range from 1 to 10 tokens in cost.

    The tokens are un-mistakable as they will be labelled, "MysteriUOs Token VI" and are quite unique in color.

    To get the tokens, just be online when they are handed out - or - find the few rare ones that spawn "out there".
    I also have been known to have "2 value" tokens at login events.

    I typically give out between 40-45 tokens. They do not stack.

    The first handed out token will be a value of 2 and given out sometime Friday - Sept 1st, 2017
    It will also be a "Commemorative Token" - that will be given back when you purchase your goods

    ************************************************** ******************************
    If i am asked in game about store, i will refer you here.
    Don't get this wrong, but explaining it 75 times does get old and I get kinda cranky sometime after the 42nd telling
    I hope you all understand


    The Token store is not expected to be open until Octoberish to November-ish, so start collecting your tokens now.


    If there are reasonable items you would like to see in the store, post them here, or explain what it is.
    I hope you all enjoy these stores.

    Check back periodically for any updates.

    UPDATE #1
    ------- NEWSFLASH -----
    Just in off the wire...... All items in token store will be between 1 and 10 tokens in cost.
    All previous tokens will be accepted - NO 1/3 scrolls. Consider those a Deco gift.

    UPDATE #2
    Only 1 commemorative token will be allowed per person. if you have 3 people, then 2 of them will need to spend the token, the rest could be combined on a single character

    UPDATE #3
    I am starting to assemble Token Store VI. If there are items you would like to see, or "re-see" in the store, add them here. You can edit one of your posts is you have more then 1 post

    UPDATE # 4
    Token store preview is open as of Nov 8th. See my posting below for more details.

    UPDATE # 5
    I will be handing out 1 token each day from Nov 8th through Nov 12th. So, Still time to get some.
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    Woot woot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    OH! This sounds so exciting!! Thank you so much for yet another awesome event/addition to this wonderful server.

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    *Decides to watch PD's conversations and count them so I can be the 42nd one to ask the stoopid question that he's already answered 3 dozen times before* I just love talking to PD late at night when he's half asleep.

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    I am going to "TRY" and get enough tokens out to open the store near Halloween. so, be on and be ready.. they may drop with very little to no notice

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    I Started a new post... Token Tuesday!
    I will start setting up the new token store on that day. I have the day off work and that will give me time in and out of the day to get a lot done. See that post for more details.

    I do not have a set date yet for store official opening. Dammy and I are trying to get enough things together for perhaps the 1st week of November. With luck, it may be sooner.
    Right now, I have given out 11 one value tokens and one 2 value token. There's lots of tokens to get out by then. Normally the ramp up is about 4 months. This is happened in about 2 months. So, it might be a good idea to get your person in game maxed out and get another account.

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    Grumpis wanting to log on the days he can at the hospital an wants to leave at least one toon online from his computer at home when i can go leave it on so he can remote control it is'nt teamveiwer a great thing . He says do not get upset if he is slow to answer anyone as its hard to type and do other things at once with only his bad arm working . It all up to hoew tired he is after therapy workouts. He missed 95% of the birthday drops and wants his token s lol .

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    Token store 6 is just around the corner. now is the time to ask for "specific" and "reasonable" items to be stocked in the store.

    I am still going to drop a few more tokens before it opens.

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    There was a lighted swag dropped oct 16th, would love to see it in the token store if possible.


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    I presently am working on the Token Store Setup. It is my goal to have the store "viewing" up by Wednesday, Nov 8th. Things will likely be added or moved around in the pricing categories. I still have several tokens to give out prior to official opening.

    If anyone asks about the Token store, Please assist them if you understand how it operates. I will have my signs posted and update here, but some people have a hard time reading the signs for various reasons.
    There may be a "freebie" gift if you get something from the store. I guess its not really free, its more of a purchase enabled object. If you purchase something from the store, i enable it to be given out.

    OK enough on that. I'll update when its open or if there is an unforeseen delay.

    **** I also will be handing out 1 token per day from Nov 8th through Nov 12th. Still time to get some.
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