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Thread: Token Store 6

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    Token Store 6

    I will be starting the Token drops for "Token Store 6" very soon.

    What is a Token Store? Funny you should ask!!!
    It's a special store where lots of the hand out items since the last token store (April 2017) and some funky and or not-yet-seen items will appear in.
    The store has a special location that will have a gate to access it when it is open. The items in the store range from 1 to 10 tokens in cost.

    The tokens are un-mistakable as they will be labelled, "MysteriUOs Token VI" and are quite unique in color.

    To get the tokens, just be online when they are handed out - or - find the few rare ones that spawn "out there".
    I also have been known to have "2 value" tokens at login events.

    I typically give out between 40-45 tokens. They do not stack.

    The first handed out token will be a value of 2 and given out sometime Friday - Sept 1st, 2017
    It will also be a "Commemorative Token" - that will be given back when you purchase your goods

    ************************************************** ******************************
    If i am asked in game about store, i will refer you here.
    Don't get this wrong, but explaining it 75 times does get old and I get kinda cranky sometime after the 42nd telling
    I hope you all understand


    The Token store is not expected to be open until Octoberish to November-ish, so start collecting your tokens now.


    If there are reasonable items you would like to see in the store, post them here, or explain what it is.
    I hope you all enjoy these stores.

    Check back periodically for any updates.

    UPDATE #1
    ------- NEWSFLASH -----
    Just in off the wire...... All items in token store will be between 1 and 10 tokens in cost.
    All previous tokens will be accepted - NO 1/3 scrolls. consider those a Deco gift.

    UPDATE #2
    Only 1 commemorative token will be allowed per person. if you have 3 people, then 2 of them will need to spend the token, the rest could be combined on a single character

    UPDATE #3
    I am starting to assemble Token Store VI. If there are items you would like to see, or "re-see" in the store, add them here. You can edit one of your posts is you have more then 1 post
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    Woot woot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    OH! This sounds so exciting!! Thank you so much for yet another awesome event/addition to this wonderful server.

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    *Decides to watch PD's conversations and count them so I can be the 42nd one to ask the stoopid question that he's already answered 3 dozen times before* I just love talking to PD late at night when he's half asleep.

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    I am going to "TRY" and get enough tokens out to open the store near Halloween. so, be on and be ready.. they may drop with very little to no notice

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    I Started a new post... Token Tuesday!
    I will start setting up the new token store on that day. I have the day off work and that will give me time in and out of the day to get a lot done. See that post for more details.

    I do not have a set date yet for store official opening. Dammy and I are trying to get enough things together for perhaps the 1st week of November. With luck, it may be sooner.
    Right now, I have given out 11 one value tokens and one 2 value token. There's lots of tokens to get out by then. Normally the ramp up is about 4 months. This is happened in about 2 months. So, it might be a good idea to get your person in game maxed out and get another account.

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    Grumpis wanting to log on the days he can at the hospital an wants to leave at least one toon online from his computer at home when i can go leave it on so he can remote control it is'nt teamveiwer a great thing . He says do not get upset if he is slow to answer anyone as its hard to type and do other things at once with only his bad arm working . It all up to hoew tired he is after therapy workouts. He missed 95% of the birthday drops and wants his token s lol .

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    Token store 6 is just around the corner. now is the time to ask for "specific" and "reasonable" items to be stocked in the store.

    I am still going to drop a few more tokens before it opens.

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    There was a lighted swag dropped oct 16th, would love to see it in the token store if possible.


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