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Thread: Token Store 6

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    Hi Ruehl,

    I understand that you are keen on getting all the goodies that PD and other staff have created for us. Perhaps your PM has gotten lost or perhaps there are other reasons why you have not had a response yet. (Did you follow the procedures that PD outlined after the problem with the books and repost your wish list and tokens in the appropriate box?) Also remember that we see only a fraction of what might be going on in someone else's life and that there might be very good reasons for why people/ staff have to prioritise real life above a game.

    After all, Paradise Found is a game. A great game, with real nice people, and relationships that sometimes spill over into real life, but it is still just a game. If we don't get our token store items when we expect them, if we don't get a deco item placed straight away, or if we have to wait for a PM from staff, the world does not stop turning. The sun will still go up the next day, you will still have your job (if you are so lucky as to have one), you will still have a roof over your head, and you will still be alive (and if you aren't, it will be extremely unlikely that lack of a staff response is to blame)

    Staff here volunteer so much of their time ('volunteering' means they give their time for free) to provide players with a great space and community. My personal experience is that staff bend over backwards to keep things running, help players and invent and create great new things all the time. And no, I often don't get instant replies from staff either.

    There is this saying: "Don't look a gift horse in the mouth". We wouldn’t have Paradise if it was not for the great generosity of Haazen and staff.

    Jade S.

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    As far as I know... all the token store things are now handed out.

    If anyone else was missed, PM me in game. I should be around more often now then I have been the previous 6 months.

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