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Thread: When is everyone active here?

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    Unhappy When is everyone active here?

    I live on the west coast of the USA, and perhaps I'm just unlucky, but it feels like a ghost town more than half the time. Do Champ spawns happen still? Who do I talk to (besides staff, ofc) to get a group going for that? I see that people are online, but where are they? Is there a language barrier or did I bother someone? I literally feel like I'm playing a one player game here.Not trying to black cloud the scene, but seriously, what gives?
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    I'm Central Time.Speaking for myself, I don't play very much in the summer. I do an hour of walking or biking every day, and it seem there is always other honeydo stuff during the weekends. Plus I work an odd work shift every other week, so my online time might seem erratic. I leave my char logged in most of the time. I don't want to miss out on anything There's a public champ that still spaws. Couple times now we did them after auction when there's more ppl active. -Yort

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    I'm sorry to whine and complain, but this has bothered me since late June when I came back. I miss playing in a group with you guys.
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    I am on east coast and here 9 am - 4 pm EST and 9 pm - 1 am EST most days (Retired and have no real Life lol)
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    I'm central time too, Usually I play between 7 to 11 a.m. , then i'm in and out the rest of the day. I haven't been on much lately becuase life's been really weird, but i'm kind of getting back into my normal routine. I'm ALWAYS up for a champ! just message me, i check in pretty often :}

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    Not on much since school started back I am trying to learn accounting so will be on when I can

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    I am est, I get up up 4am usually don't get home till bout 5ish. I play when I can. Most know I am a roofer so evenings and rainy days if your bored hit me up.More than likely ill be in game and always ready for group fun...


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