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Thread: August 2017 Eclipse

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    August 2017 Eclipse

    The solar Eclipse that is happening on August 21st has one of the best Earthly view spots here in Oregon. Madras Oregon for that matter. The authorities are expecting upwards of 3 million people added to the Oregon roads, campgrounds, fields, hotels, motels, rest stops, forest roads, backyards, front yards and parking lots. Our infrastructure will more then likely come to a screeching halt. So, I am just going to be getting back into things here from my 2 months of work Hell. The internet and cell towers, if the numbers are even 15% accurate, will be so inundated with data, they will literally shut down. I also heard power, water, sewer and every thing else that comes with doubling your state population in a 100 mile radius of an event, will probably come to be.

    So, if I mysteriously just disappear, along with everyone else between Idaho, Washington, Oregon and perhaps N. California and Nevada, know we are in "hide in your bunker mode". Hopefully it all passes like the Y-2K fiasco that never happened. But, I already see a spike in traffic and out of state plates from all over.

    I have my government approved ISO 12312-2 filtration glasses, my tin foil hat, my replica moon rock, some tang, a little NASA dehydrated ice cream and I am tuned into ...

    If THEY are coming during the ensuing darkness, I will be ready. I'll even clip on an ear tag to make it easier for THEM to process me. hehehe

    I'll record some Episodes of "Clyde Lewis - Ground Zero" and really get the conspiracies rolling while the rest of the world worries aimlessly. I'll be playing songs with the likes of ET while everyone else, mindless of the pending doom, gets turned to goo, evaporated, teleported, altered, or implodes into their own private singularity. See you on the "other side"
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    OK, I have my diddy-bag all packed, three weeks' worth of food for me and Fuzzball. It's all packed on the solar powered flying broom so we're all set for take-off. We should be there by August 21st (not saying which year, just saying), so keep a room ready for us! We're on our way.

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