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Thread: The Stones of Power

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    The Stones of Power

    A new series of adventures has begun in Adventureland. There will be 5 different stones to collect. If you can gather all five [as they become available] you will be invited to participate in a grand finale once everyone has had a chance to collect all 5 stones. Good Luck and I hope you have fun ;]

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    my 1st stone has been collected.


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    Monday the next stone will become available, That will make three. good luck folks;

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    rdy for number 4!!!!!!!!!
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    Stone 4 obtained!!!!!


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    number 4 is available. good luck.

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    I got stone 5 cant wait to see what the finale is!!!!!!!!


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    #5 was a booger. But I got Stone #5 too. -Yort
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    The Grand Finale. august 26th at 12;00 noon shard time. You MUST have all 5 stones to join the final event make sure you bag them up and bring them with you. The 5 stone events will be open until the 25th so gather the stones if you haven't already. We will gather at the Adventure house for this adventure. no pets or mirrors will work at this event so don't count on anything but your own skills. I look forward to seeing you all there.

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    Due to circumstances beyond my control the grand finale for the Stones of Power event is rescheduled for sept 2nd at 11;30 shard time. I will leave the event open till next Friday for those who still want to finish getting the stones .

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