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Thread: Paradise store needs more female options!

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    Paradise store needs more female options!

    Hi!! Just a dilemma of mine when it comes to purchases. That's it's lacking options for ladies Can Dead Headbone Hider come in a form of a pretty circlet so I can dress up like wonder woman. I only found out tunic of undead comes in bustier form... *cries*My 2c. Cheers!!!

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    Yes, you find a circlet you like and get a transmutter then you can make the Dead Headbone Hider look like the circlet.

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    Emma! That sounds Great! N are you referring to the transmute in PFStore??

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    The Transmuter is a toolkit to change gear appearance. When doubleclicked, a gump appears, prompting for an item (clothing, armor...) to transmute, and another item you want to get the appearance from. For example, you can turn a leather hat into a kasa, while keeping all of properties. When you click Make Transmutation, aspects of the two items chosen will be switched: for example, if you wanted to turn a leather hat into a kasa, the first will become a kasa, and the last (the former kasa) will become a leather hat. Both of items will retain properties and will be renamed as Transmuted. The Transmuter can be used only once and it is obtained from a drop by Wimpy Terragons. The Transmuter won't work on shields, weapons or quivers.

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    A good place to find anything about Paradise is: a very good resource.
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    Woot! Thank u for the detailed explanation Emma!!. Hazaan and Ragnar helped me out with the outfit greatly. I'm a female amazonian warrior now! Hehe.

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