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    Grab Bag

    Grab Bag a very useful tool. If your a new player and do not own one, Zoso and I will be hosting the quest to get it. Special items are needed(will be provided) the mobs are a lil tough and pleantiful so you will want to do this in a group. If you are interested in getting your Grab Bag, meet us at the event center say about 10mins after the auction Saturday.


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    If there is interest in scheduling a repeat of this event, I can donate another set of the special items. -Timmy Turner

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    Thx Yort, I also have multiples of the items needed for this. I will be doing this often as i can. Also Zoso and I are going to plan dungeon crawls to let new players get some loot n get tosee some of Paradise they cant on their own..


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    Just a reminder to new players. If u don't have you grab bag, today is the day to get one. Meet at the event center after the auction today.


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