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Thread: Did old accounts get deleted?

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    Did old accounts get deleted?

    Just tried to get back into the server a while back after being away for a while. Life got in the way unfortunatly. Regardless logged in and found I have no character. Can I assume that old accounts got purged?

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    Unless you or someone else tells staff you are going to be away an extended time old accounts get purged on a regular basis .

    I think its in the 1 year no activity time range .

    Simply logging in every few months will keep you active but Dammy will keep you for an extra 6 + months IE : military deployment , computer died and too broke to git one right away , sick an can't play for a while .
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    Yes, old, inactive accounts are removed after a year of inactivity. Cormac is correct about staying a little longer if I'm told (PM on forum works, book near front steps/house sign works) of a valid reason. Besides, we allow people to come back again. And, since this is all pixels and you had them once, getting them a second time is easier. It always gets easier the more you do it.

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    If you bought stuff from the PF store do you have to buy them again if your account was deleted?


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