I hate being away so long

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Good Evening Everyone,

Some of you may have noticed that I have not been around town much. I feel guilty about this and would like to explain. First off I started a new job almost a year ago in a Nursing Facility working 12 hour days. I loved my job and I say it in past tense because recent events have made me take a Leave Of Absence from said job. See my grandfather who lived in Arizona had a stroke and has been on a slow decline from that day. I flew out there from Ohio and moved him back here to my home to take care of him. Of course it has been a 24/7 job. I do not regret it, this is me giving back to him what he has given me all throughout my childhood. But fast forward a few months to the present. He has been placed on Hospice Care (end of life care). And now he is on a much quicker decline. I am only able to get on here and write this blog because he is sleeping comfortably, and I have purchased a Baby Monitor with a camera so I can watch him closely. I have tried to at least log in once a month to keep my account in active standing but I am afraid that in the near future (when my grandfather passes) I will not be able to do that religiously each month. So If I do disappear for a couple months or so straight please do not forget about me and understand that I will most deffinately be back. In closing please send any and all prayers, positive thoughts, and warm wishes my way...I will need them. And until we meet again Happy Holidays and Safe Journeys to you all!!!

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