Sadness :(

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Today made me sad. I wasn't having a fantastic day to begin with. I won't go in to detail why the day sucked in general...but I was starting to perk up.
With the help of jewelry, I have enough taming to tame a bake kitsune. But I don't have high enough barding skills to calm it down to tame it. I started training music and peace, but that is a slow, boring process that quickly bored me.
Curious, I searched vendors for a bake for sale. Found one. Inexpensive. Awesome! Bought it.

Went to this little sheep pen outside Moonglow that's a good place for calling out vorpals. I didn't want to do anything to risk my new bake's life, being new and unbonded. I thought using up some of my green thorns would be a pleasant way to pass the time and strengthen my new pet.
It was going very well.
Some guy comes up and wants to chat, no problem. Said he was new, but wasn't young. Claimed his account was some 500+ days old, and that he hadn't been able to get on Paradise because the server had been down for a long time...which I have not heard anything about, so don't even know if it was true. I suggested maybe it had been a problem with his client or Razor version.
He complimented my bake, and I explained what I was doing. Had to explain vorpals, he'd never heard about them.
After a nice chat, where I answered all his questions and made suggestions (like head for the Training Oasis, and visit the PFwiki) and he wandered off.
I went afk to look up something on It's safe in that pen. Nothing dangerous spawns close enough to aggro.
I come back, and there's the guy from earlier.
He's dragged a big oof and two mange wolves in to the pen with me and my new pet! Apparently this has been happening long enough for my pet to be at half health!
I tried healing quickly, and calling her to follow me.
Couldn't recall away, bake was not bonded.
Bake kitsune dies.
I JUST got it. I was playing it safe.
And some guy had to be a jerk about it.
I checked the chat log.
He didn't cry out for me to help him, he didn't warn me about them.
He was just standing outside the far end of the pen, watching my pet get torn apart.

I told Jada what happened, but I still feel really sad about that bake. It was the only one being sold. I wasted the money to buy it, and the handful of thorns I'd used to start training it.
On the official release of UO, I would never have attempted such a thing as training an unbonded pet. I would just ASSUME someone would do exactly what that guy did.
But here on Paradise, I felt safe to do it.
And I would do everything the same all over again if it came up again. Unless it was the same guy, of course.

In general, I trust the people of Paradise to follow the rules and not be asinine.
One bad apple didn't ruin the bunch, but biting in to a worm sure ruined my day.