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    Paradise Found is over 13 years old and still going. Server address ParadiseUO.com IP port 2593 We use client version 7.0.50 Paradise Found is over 13 years old. We are a family shard and have players from all over the world. There are 9 fully spawned facets including Termur. Each facet with it's unique challenges and rewards. We recently added an old facet. Trampast is as it was long ago. Runic crafted items are the best you can get. No uber items nor uber creature. The way it was many many years ago. Paradise Found was made with the home builder in mind. Tons of special deco and use of the Yard Wand up to 10 tiles from the house base. Presently we have 1200 houses and room for many more. Special areas for large guild towns. Our server is dedicated in a large server farm in Texas. (faster than a Black Lich throwing Fire Balls) Welcome! We hope you enjoy your time here. Hope your time here is Paradise Found.