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    There is a strange new creature prowling the Lost Lands of Britain. It's an ugly and aggressive little beast. A Torditsaron. Not a creature I had ever heard of before. I was able to tame it with a Taming Skill of only 43.9 and it soon became a reliable

    Returning from crusade against orcs, I was going through dark forest when I met strange lady.
    I saluted her: "Good evening, beautiful lady."
    She answered: "Please don't hurt me!"
    This made me wonder, because I had no bad intentions.
    Suddenly, she started to threaten me! "I'll turn you

    "Tonight we dawn our armour, sharpen our blades, and dust of our spell books. This Dragon has been terrorizing this kingdom for long enough!" - screams the king on his throne. His audience of warriors cheered. "No longer will we live in fear, no longer will we starve. For you, the strongest and fiercest warriors, will take up arms and rid this land of the foul Guardian Dragon!"

    "Quit writing boy! You heard the king, gather my things"
    "Yes sir."

    We marched ...

    Details about Evo Hound
    This is a new type of evolution pet. A dog licence can be found as rare loot from creatures.
    The same like for other pets.