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  1. New Quest Added: Exterminating the Infestations

    Notice: currently the quest is down and halted for further testing Haazen is trying to debug it hope to have it up and running soon

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    Exterminating the Infestations is a ML quest starting in Eodon starting point Professor Ellie Rafkin that gives access to killing the Myrmidex Queen.

    Ellie can by found at 5o 11'S 84o 47' W in Eodon. Talk with Ellie and accept the quest then you need to find 3 items for her. (
    Myrmidex Population Report, Bottled Myrmidex Pheromone, and Bottle

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  2. The Day of the Three Stygian Dragon Battle

    I went one day to battle the Stygian Dragon, but once in the lair I discovered not one but three of the beasts were present that day, I quickly summoned mirrors to battle the beasts and played hide and seek till one by one I defeated the beasts. Tis was a good day in paradise.
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  3. I hate being away so long

    Good Evening Everyone,

    Some of you may have noticed that I have not been around town much. I feel guilty about this and would like to explain. First off I started a new job almost a year ago in a Nursing Facility working 12 hour days. I loved my job and I say it in past tense because recent events have made me take a Leave Of Absence from said job. See my grandfather who lived in Arizona had a stroke and has been on a slow decline from that day. I flew out there from Ohio and moved ...
  4. cant see UO!!!

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    i went into optens from my paper doll , and set UO to show in fullscreen mode. now when i log in all i see is grey screen. i cant even get back to options to get out of full screen mode. is there anny way to get back out of fullscreen mode?
  5. New Production i just finished

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