1. Sadness :(

    Today made me sad. I wasn't having a fantastic day to begin with. I won't go in to detail why the day sucked in general...but I was starting to perk up.
    With the help of jewelry, I have enough taming to tame a bake kitsune. But I don't have high enough barding skills to calm it down to tame it. I started training music and peace, but that is a slow, boring process that quickly bored me.
    Curious, I searched vendors for a bake for sale. Found one. Inexpensive. Awesome! Bought it. ...
  2. Looking for something?

    Seems like I'm always looking for something. Something to buy, something to sell, something to make, something to use, something to do, something to train. Heck, sometimes I forget what I was looking for, and start looking for something else entirely!

    This week, I am looking for "goblins", of course. Those are "leprechauns" for St. Patrick's Day in Paradise. So far, I've gotten 2 hats and a mug of green ale. They don't seem to be too hard to find, though sometimes ...