The Life Story of Anandi Willow (Ongoing)

Here will be kept the life story of Anandi Willow. This will include past events as recollected by Anandi and journals entries written by Anandi.

  1. All Hallow's Eve (October Imagination Event)

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    Anandi thought to herself, not for the first time "I really do need to stop listening to Emeraldine whenever her sister said anything that ended with "Just trust me." Looking over at her cheerful sister, Anandi let out a yowl and hissed.

    Emeraldine stopped humming to herself and looked down at Anandi. "Well, how was I supposed to know that scroll would backfire and polymorph you instead of me? I mean really! At least you now have the excuse you were looking for at ...
  2. (Journal Entry)

    by , 09-14-2013 at 02:01 AM (The Life Story of Anandi Willow (Ongoing))
    I've been in Paradise for a few days now. I must send a pigeon to Emeraldine to advice that I am still very much alive. It has been an interesting first few days here. I am simply amazed by how pleasant and helpful everyone is here. Except for that Darius fellow. I lose one poker game without any gold to back up my hand and he turns me into an elf!

    Blessedly I found a kind companion in Dalaric, another traveler who not only helped me on the first leg of the "Heritage Quest" ...

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  3. Too Much Wind In Her Sails

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    Touching the back of her head lightly Anandi winces at the sharp pain, pulling her fingers away reveals a small amount of blood. In hindsight she realizes trying to sneak away from her family home was impossible. Her younger sister Emeraldine always had a sixth sense for Anandi's antics.

    Shaking another wave of dizziness from her head, she nudge her horse forward. As the wave of nausea that always accompanied the dizzy spells passed she recollected on her last conversation with Emeraldine. ...
  4. Go on, be your own star (August/September Imagination Event)

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    "Girl, you've got too much wind in your sails! Settle down child. Why can't you just be happy with learning hearth magic? Find yourself a good husband and make babies. Ask your mother. She has been a blessing to me." Rolf Willow says to his eldest daughter as he finishes his morning meal and heads to his blacksmith shop.

    Anandi looks at her father with dull eyes as she watches him leave; she turns to her mother and asks as she sweeps her arm around the small kitchen "Why