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  1. Religio Skill Training MASTER LIST
  2. Razor Taming Macro
  3. Razor Taming Macro
  4. Easyuo Medic with Mirror support
  5. Ultimate Looter/Sorter/Id'er Script. Does it all
  6. Easy Spell GUI
  7. Great Pet GUI for your evo's or any pet
  8. CLaytonsLunaRailTrainer "Found on ez uo"
  9. As requested by Sirius xParrsSmartLooter v1.60
  10. Mysticism and Razor
  11. Provocation Training
  12. Uncle toms tamer per request
  13. Money storing methods :)
  14. as requested by Sheilds
  15. Fishing Macro
  16. Tokunu Boat Docker
  17. Best EasyUO Taming Macro
  18. Training Eval for a evo repost from old forums
  19. james
  20. Fishing Script or Macro
  21. Easy UO ver: 217
  22. Miner And Lumber Jack helper scripts
  23. Easy Safe Macro For Healing Traing only.
  24. Training stealth on boat using a simple razor script
  25. Easy uo new version
  26. Razor skill Macro's
  27. Modified Zugu's Mystical Trainer for Paradise Found
  28. What to tame guide
  29. For Andahammergoclang
  30. Lumberjacky
  31. Please help if you can...
  32. Red Leaves
  33. Architecture
  34. Old Razor (Taming Macro) still works
  35. Custom Countertops! tabletops! Shelving!
  36. Simple Taming Razor macro (tams closest grey)
  37. Claytons rail trainer reset to moonglow
  38. Simple Razor Macros for Clothmaking
  39. 7Zip files
  40. Creature Taming Minimums
  41. Pet healer for up to 5 pets
  42. UOS Partially Automated Mining Script
  43. UOS TMap locator
  44. UOS Lumberjack
  45. UOS Fletching
  46. UOS Camping
  47. UOS Beggin
  48. UOS Snooping
  49. EasyUO Discordance trainer for the new Barding spot
  50. EasyUO Provocation script for the new Barding area
  51. Riath's LOOTER (EasyUO)
  52. Riath's MINER v1.0 (EasyUO)
  53. UOSteam Macro Help
  54. Pet healing and Command script
  55. marco for discordance
  56. Use uosteam or easyuo macro in Tram Haven
  57. Stealth training problem